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The Pah-Wraiths are an elder race that feature in Star Trek.



In 2374, a long prophecised event came to pass that was detailed in Shabren's Fifth Prophecy and on a stone tablet within the Bajoran city of B'Hala. This was the Reckoning whereby the tablet was meant to had been shattered at the hands of Captain Sisko who was the Emissary of the Prophets. Once done, a Prophet and a Pah-Wraith emerged where they sought vessels to engage in their battle. The Pah-Wraith was Kosst Amjoan who sought out Jake Sisko as its vessel in order to battle the Prophet that had taken Kira Nerys as a host. According to prophecy, no winner was mentioned in the texts but if the Prophets vanquished the Evil One then it would bring about a golden age for Bajor that would last a thousand years. A terrifying duel erupted between Kosst Amjoan and the Prophet which was interrupted when Kai Winn triggered chroniton radiation forcing the two aliens off the station. (Episode: The Reckoning) Gul Dukat in his bid to destroy the Prophets sought out a Bajoran relic taken to Cardassia that contained a Pah-Wraith and had it possess him whereupon he travelled secretly to Deep Space 9. Once there, the powers of the entity allowed him to kill Jadzia Dax and sent the creature into a Bajoran Orb where it entered into the wormhole thus closing it. (Episode: Tears of the Prophet)


Being incorporeal beings, Prophets required a mortal vessel to serve as the means of interacting with the corporeal realm. A distinguishing factor was that the eyes of their host sometimes went blood red and a fiery energy sometimes spread through their bodies. Their powers were similar to the Prophets and with but a gesture they were able to send corporeal beings flying across the floor. When fighting another incorporeal being, they could generate a beam of fiery energy in order to destroy their foe. In a long duel with their enemy, they were able to exert undue stress on their host bodies causing them to bleed and would eventually kill them if pushed too far. (Episode: The Reckoning) A presence of a Pah-Wraith controlled host could lead to candles being extinguished and a visible dark presence being felt by occupants in a room. With but a gesture, they were able to suspend a person in the air whilst an orb of fiery energy ravaged their bodies with the aftermath severely injuring their target and killing them. (Episode: Tears of the Prophets)

In the past, it was possible to imprison Pah-Wraith's within relics where they could only be released when a specific Bajoran incantation was made whilst breaking the artifact. (Episode: Tears of the Prophet) Hosts of a Pah-Wraith such as Kosst Amojan were known to feel the intense hatred the entities felt for their enemies. (Episode: The Reckoning)

A slow rise in chroniton radiation did not kill these beings but forced them to leave the area. (Episode: The Reckoning)


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