Pandora's Box (Terranigma)

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Pandora's Box was brought back to Storkholm on the Overworld by Christopher Columbus, to hide it from the agents of darkness. The undead queen Bloody Mary captured Columbus and tortured him for years to try to learn the location of the chest for her master, Dark Gaia. The King of France destroyed Storkholm and slaughtered every man, woman, and child to try to possess the box, but he and his army were driven from the forest by the spirits of the slain, who rose as dread wolves to protect the ruins of the town.

When evil-Yomi attempted to destroy the Hero as he was vulnerable as a regressed infant in Storkholm, evil-Elle was overcome by her feelings for the Hero from having grown up with him, and sacrificed herself to destroy evil-Yumi. The Hero then returned to normal through the intervention of the prayers of the Tibetan monks who rescued him from the mountains after he resurrected humanity three years earlier. He opened the Box to reveal good-Yumi, and Hope, the legendary Armor and Spear of the Hero, the only armaments which could harm Dark Gaia.

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