Paul Montford

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Capt. Paul Montford

A close family friend of the Talbots, Capt. Paul Montford was the Captain of Police in the town of Llanwelly who had grown up with Larry Talbot. But Paul was all business and did not let his friendship with Larry interfere with his investigation into him when Paul began to suspect his childhood playmate of murder following the mysterious deaths of Jenny Williams and Bela the Gypsy. Paul suspected Larry because he had found the Talbot son's silver handled walking stick at the scene of the crime, and he did not believe Larry's story about a wolf biting him.

He eventually sided with Sir John Talbot's theory that there had been a wolf, but Larry got confused and killed Bela by accident. This meant he and his assistant Victor Twiddle had a wild animal on their hands, a theory further supported by the discovery of wolfprints around the body of a third victim, Richardson. Along with Frank Andrews and Dr. Lloyd, Paul and Twiddle set about hunting for the wolf, and even when Sir John claimed to have killed a werewolf that was attacking Gwen Conliffe only to have it change back into his own son, Paul made up his own mind: that an ordinary wolf had tried to attack Gwen, and Larry had given his life in saving her.

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