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Pearce was an airman who served as the operator at a military radio station on the Island. He was a regular at the White Lion and often spoke with Richard Callum. He was the first person on the Island to suspect that the intense heat and radio and television disruption might be being caused by something "up there," and he told Callum as much, who in turn learned from Vernon Stone and Harsen that it was being caused by invading aliens.

Pearce later accompanied his commanding officer, Gieves, to greet Sir James Murray when he arrived on the Island by helicopter. After this, they ran into Richard Callum, his wife Frankie and Patricia Wells. Although Richard and Frankie chose to return home and Sir James and Gieves went to the radio station, Gieves told Pearce to remain with Patricia by their broken-down Land Rover and protect her. Pearce did so, and he and Patricia were the first people to witness the spider aliens die from their own intense heat-ray.

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