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Vernon Stone was a science fiction author who wrote for several British "space magazines," although the residents of the Island thought he was a real scientist. His advice was sought by Richard and Frankie Callum and Patricia Wells during a mid-June heatwave. Stone theorized that a race of hostile spider-like aliens was turning a heat ray onto Earth to drive humans insane. When it was decided someone to the Island's radio station to try and call for help, Stone volunteered and took his car, however he was attacked by one of the aliens near the chalk-pit and burned to death after crashing his car.

Night of the Big Heat (Film)

Dr. Vernon Stone

Dr. Vernon Stone was the local doctor on the remote Fara Island, whose patients began suffering from a variety of heat-related illnesses and discomforts as the result of a mysterious heatwave. Along with innkeeper Jeff Callum and visiting scientist Dr. Godfrey Hanson, Dr. Stone discovered the heat was being caused by evil aliens from space. Stone volunteered to drive up to the island's radio station in order to contact the mainland, taking a walkie-talkie with him to keep in touch with Jeff and Hanson back at the Swan. Upon arriving at the quarry where Bob Hayward had been killed, Stone's car overheated and died. He decided to get out and walk the rest of the way to the radio station, but unfortunately he did not make it as he encountered one of the aliens and was burned alive by the intense heat coming off of its body.

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