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Phaeton is a male cartoon villain that features in Exosquad.



He attended the delegation to the General Assembly held at the Homeworlds' Space Station in Earth Orbit that was discussing what action to take after the Pirate Clans began striking at unarmed Homeworld civilian ships. Phaeton would be heard by the Secretary General where the Neosapien Governor-General stated that his people had no part in the military affairs of the Homeworlds and instead desired peace. However, he caution that on this occasion that peace and prosperity needed to be secured against the threat posed by the Pirate Clans. This swayed the General Assembly when he offered the full support of the United Martian Commonwealth in order for the fleets to be gathered to strike the pirate menace at their strongholds in the outer system. His words led to the Exofleet being assembled and placed on an operation to strike at the enemy. (Episode: Pirate Scourge) The Exo-Fleet managed to drive the Pirate Clans back further towards Saturn with their deployment playing into Phaeton's hands. He would later arrive in Chicago to attend the event that made Maginus City on Mars the sister city of Chicago though there were some humans within the crowd that denounced Neosapiens for their part in the uprising 50 years ago. However, he would make a speech urging for the unity between Homosapiens and Neosapiens when an attempted assassination on Phaeton's life was thwarted. (Episode: Seeds of Deception)


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  • Phaeton was voiced by actor Richard Newman.


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