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Pintel was a short, balding pirate who served under Jack Sparrow aboard the Black Pearl and joined up with Hector Barbossa following his mutiny. Never far from Pintel's side was his nephew, Ragetti. Both he and Ragetti took some of the cursed Aztec gold from Isla De Muerte and subsequently became undead and immortal for ten years until they could regather all the missing coins. When the curse was lifted during the battle aboard the Dauntless, Pintel and his nephew were arrested by Royal Navy soldiers Murtogg and Mullroy and taken back to Port Royal as prisoners.

They subsequently escaped, however, along with the jailhouse dog that always had the keys, and found their way to Pelegosto where they had heard they might find the Black Pearl. He and Ragetti planned to steal it, but before they could abscond with it, Will Turner came running up with Mr. Gibbs, Cotton, Marty, and others, and both he and his nephew had to throw in their lot with Jack's crew to avoid being eaten by the island's resident tribe of cannibals.

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