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Project Ascension is a program that features in Ascension.



The Project Ascension was a secret military program initiated by the United States of America in the 1960's. Its goal in 1963 under President Kennedy was to launch a generation ship with a crew into deep space to colonize another world. Under the program, it was believed that the era's technological feats were capable of achieving this goal and succeeded in building an Orion class vessel. The craft was launched into deep space with its crew in complete secrecy from the rest of the world with the human occupants living within the USS Ascension. Its destination was the planet Proxima Centauri where it held a crew of 350 volunteers that departed on Launch Day. In reality, it was actually a large scale social experiment whereby the crew of the Ascension actually believed they were in deep space but in actuality they were onboard a large simulator in order to test the viability of generation long space travel.


Crewmembers were genetically paired with one another where they were married in order to continue the civilization aboard the ship.

Among the crew included safety officers that was tasked with ending any fights but had no experience in crime such as murders with weapons such as firearms banned from the ship with none officially being taken onboard. Members of the lower decks were considered less privileged and downtrodden compared to the people in the upper decks.

Leadership of the Ascension was headed by the vessels Captain and also a council with this latter group being terrified of insurrection.

One event that impacted the crews lives was a time known as the crisis. This was a psychological break experienced by individuals who felt that onboard the Ascension they had no control over their future or destiny. Such individuals felt that on Earth they had an infinite array of options and choices in their lives whilst onboard the Ascension they lived as well as died on the craft. Typically, a crisis was seen as a common feature in the lives of the crew with some experiencing it at the age of 14 whereupon they accepted their role onboard the ship.

A central nav-computer was responsible for plotting the journey through space. Radiation pods were present onboard the vessel designed to protect the crew from radiation storms.

Water Reclamation was responsible for handling the water needs of the ship with this being situated in the lower decks.


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