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Pym Technologies.

Pym Technologies is a business that features on Marvel Comics.



Pym Technologies (Pym Tech) was a research firm that was created by Dr. Hank Pym. It was created after he stopped being a government operative named the Ant-Man where he used Pym Particles to shrink in order to conduct missions. Upon the death of his wife, Hank learnt that S.H.I.E.L.D. were attempting to replicate his formula which was why he ended working with them. Hank Pym then kept his past life a secret from everyone else as he managed hus company. Pym's daughter Hope van Dyne later joined the board of directors on the company but she resented her father for seemingly abandoning her after her mother died. During this time, Pym also had a protégé named Darren Cross who became fixated on the stories of the Ant-Man and attempted to learn of the Pym Particles formula. Hank later distanced himself from Cross as he saw him as being unstable leading to Darren feeling angry for being rejected by his mentor. Later, Cross got a percentage of Pym Techs board to side with him in removing the comoany's founder. It was Hope that remained the deciding vote where she sided with Darren leading to her father being ousted from the company that he had built. Afterwards, Cross was made the new CEO of the company where he began to pursue more military based applications of technology. Upon learning of this, Hope allied with her father in an effort to stop Cross in his actions and kept in close company with Darren in order to learn of his plans. Ultimately, Cross intended to replicate the Pym Particle to power the Yellowjacket Suit that he intended to sell to the military.


A server room contained numerous stacks of computers that were used to store the company's vital research information. One of the key features of the facility was the Future's Lab that had the latest technological developments being researched.


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  • Pym Technologies was an original creation of the Ant-Man movie.

In other media

Video games

  • In Marvel Heroes, a Pym Technologies Mystery Box appeared as an item in the MMORPG video game that contained random items for player characters.


  • Ant-Man:

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