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Yellowjacket in Marauders v1 #9.

Darren Cross is a male comic supervillain who features in Marvel Comics.



Darren Cross

By his son’s side, he vowed to find a means of healing him and to make the Lang’s pay for their part in his injury. To that end, he had his agents capture Egghead where Cross offered him access to Hank Pym’s secret lab in the Ant-Man helmet along with its various secrets in exchange for his aid in finding a cure for Augustine. Egghead found an experimental battle armor that was being developed by Pym that used Pym Particles as a power source that could offer a solution. Darren Cross decided to equip himself and gain the power for himself. (Astonishing Ant-Man v1 #12) He along with Crossfire and Egghead were pillaging the laboratory when the Ant-Man costume was brought to court for the trial of Scott Lang. He was asked to demonstrate a break-in to Cross Tech when his helmet notified him of a break-in whereupon Darren Cross along with his compatriots attacked. They battled Lang’s allies who were effortlessly beaten by Darren due to his Yellowjacket armor. In the fighting, Cassandra Lang as Stinger learnt of the armors power source being Pym Particles and forcibly had Darren take medication that dampened the particles effects. This caused him to lose power in the suit and he was defeated. (Astonishing Ant-Man v1 #13) Despite his defeat, he remained free and later attended the secret meeting of the Universal Bank that consisted of the top richest people on the planet. They had gathered to question fellow member Dario Agger over his secret deal with the Dark Elf King Malekith the Accursed that allowed him to plunder the resources of the Ten Realms of Asgard. Rather than give him a part in his riches, Agger refused bringing him into conflict with the other members of the Universal Bank. (Mighty Thor v2 #8)

He came to ally with the anti-Mutant Homines Virendi organization where he was to serve as a spy with him being injected into the body of Pyro. Once inside. he reported his findings of Krakoa back to his employers. Ultimately, he was discovered with Emma Frost and the other telepaths placing an illusion in his mind to make him vacate Pyro's body with his memories removed of the encounter. (Marauders v1 #9)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

He later came to steal one of Hank Pym’s battle suits that was made specifically or Pym Particle users. The particles acted as a power source making the wearer a quantum weapon without peer. (Astonishing Ant-Man v1 #12) With the Pym Particles in his system, it made Darren Cross a particularly powerful user for the Yellow Jacket suit’s abilities greatly enhanced. It also possessed a pair of energy weapons on stingers that protruded from the shoulders. (Astonishing Ant-Man v1 #13)

Due to his position in society, he came to be a member of the Universal Bank that consisted of the top richest and most influential people on the planet. (Mighty Thor v2 #8)


  • Darren Cross was created by John Byrne and David Michelinie where he made his first appearance in Marvel Premiere v1 #47 (April, 1979).
  • He later took on the identity of Yellowjacket in Astonishing Ant-Man v1 #12 (November, 2016).

In other media


  • In Ant-Man, Darren Cross appeared as the main antagonist in the 2015 live-action film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he was portrayed by actor Corey Stoll.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Contest of Champions, the Darren Cross Yellowjacket appeared as a playable character in the mobile video game.
  • In Marvel: Future Fight, the Darren Cross Yellowjacket appeared as a playable character in the mobile video game.


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