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A quasielemental is a powerful entity embodying the combination of each of the four elements with either positive or negative energies. There are two sets of quasielementals- a group for the positive Quasielemental Planes and a group for the negative Quasielemental Planes.


Quasielemental Types

Positive quasielementals

  • Mineral Quasielementals resemble vaguely humanoid masses of gems, rock and crystal.
  • Radiance Quasielementals appear as bright spheres of light, and can fire beams of blinding illumination with various colors and effects.
  • Lightning Quasielementals manifest as small spheres of electricity.
  • Steam Quasielementals take the form of roiling masses of steam or mist, and can change their temperature from cool to scalding at will.

Negative quasielementals

  • Dust Quasielementals appear as clouds of dust with vaguely eye-shaped areas in their mass, and can disintegrate anything they surround.
  • Ash Quasielementals are shapeshifting entities made of heat-draining ash.
  • Vacuum Quasielementals are hollow, shapeless beings embodying the concept of the void.
  • Salt Quasielementals usually manifest as salt-encrusted lizard-like creatures.


Quasielementals are largely unheard of on Athas.

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