Raccon City Army

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The Raccon City Army is locate in the Raccon City. The Army has four teams of ten, Blue Team, Red Team, Green Team and Yellow Team. The strongers team was Krauser's team, which it has strong members such as Carlos Olivera J.R., Carlos Olivera, Leon S. Kennedy, Alfonso Warner as BLACK, Maria Olivera, Nicholai Ginovaef, Yuri Loginova, Murphy Seeker and Michael Guthrie as Mr. Houston. The rest of the team were very weak and all of them died during the Army. The General of the Army base was in charge of all the place. Krauser was his best friend back in the war after the general decide to become the president of the whole Raccon City army. At the end of the war, Red Team gets the victory by defeating the Nanzis.

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