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The Raccoon Police Department, often abbreviated as simply the RPD, was the center of law and order in Raccoon City. At least, so it seemed. No one knew that Chief Irons was secretly working for Umbrella and that the police station itself contained a hidden entrance to the tunnels that led to an underground Umbrella research facility.

During the initial T-Virus outbreaks on September 27, 1998, the RPD's officers struggled to deal with the seemingly endless attacks by zombies. They tried everything from blowing them up with dynamite to cutting them off from more densely populated sections of the city with barricades, but nothing worked. Early on September 28, the RPD made their last stand against the zombies before falling back to the police station, losing their entire SWAT team in the process. September 29 rolled around and the zombies broke into the police station.

The police force was whittled down to just a few officers, who eventually abandoned the building to conduct search and rescue operations elsewhere in the city. By the time Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield arrived late on the 29th, the only surviving officer in the building aside from Chief Irons himself was Marvin Branagh, although he didn't last too much longer.

The RPD building was eventually destroyed by the same nuclear strike that annihilated the rest of Raccoon City on September 30. The only known survivors of Raccoon's police force aside from Leon are (as of the most recent game to feature the RPD, Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2) Kevin Ryman, Rita and Harry.

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