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Ragyō Kiryūin is a female villain that appears in Kill la Kill.



Ragyō Kiryūin (鬼龍院 羅暁 Kiryūin Ragyō) was a female human who by the modern age had discovered the existence and nature of the Life Fibers upon the discovery of the Primordial Life Fiber. From that point onwards, she became fixated in accomplishing the goal of the extraterrestrial parasites to dominate the world. She began using humans as test subjects for her Life Fiber experiments and to find those that possess a tolerance to the parasites. At some point, a civil war erupted that affected a hometown where she had gathered some test subjects. Ragyo had arrived on the scene to stop some soldiers from killing an African girl with her killing the attackers. She then learnt that the girl had a tolerance to Life Fibers and decided to adopt her as she had no home anymore with Ragyo giving her the name Rei Hōōmaru. Afterwards, she met Sōichirō Kiryūin with her marrying him and was with him as the pair engaged in experiments on Life Fibers. Their marriage produced a daughter that they named Satsuki Kiryuin who became part of Ragyo's experiment in infusing her with Life Fibers. However, the bonding failed as Satsuki was deemed too old to be infused with the Life Fibers. This led to Ragyo deciding to have a second child in order to begin the experiments on this daughter from a young age. The new-born child went through the experiments where she was seemingly killed and her body was disposed of in this time with Soichiro turning against his wife. Sometime later, Ragyo Kiryuin conducted a new experiment in having a child infused with Life Fibers and made Nui Harime who was born from an artificial Life Fiber womb with her being raised as a loyal servant. By this point, Ragyo was in charge of a world wide company named REVOCS Corporation that she used in her plot to allow the Life Fibers to take over the world. Her only surviving daughter Satsuki Kiryuin was allowed to establish her own base of operations that was Hannoji Academy in this time.

With her defeated, Ryuko asked that Ragyo now accompany her back to Earth but Ragyo refused and plucked her out from her chest willing to die as she did not accept being defeated under anyone else's conditions except her own. She warned her daughter that despite her defeat that there were other Life Fibers out there in the universe that would come to Earth in time whereupon she crushed her own hurt thus killing herself.


Personality and attributes

Ragyo with Harime and Hoomura.

She was typically seen with multi-colored light that seemingly emanated from her hair giving Ragyo the appearance of a figure of great elegance and power.

She believed that the Earth belonged to the Life Fibers.

Such was her lack of parental instinct that she thought nothing of giving birth to a second child and using that offspring as part of her experiments in Life Fibers.

Powers and abilities

As a result of merging with the Life Fibers, she was able to heal all her injuries even fatal ones such as being decapitated. This meant that she was able to survive and recover from fatal strikes so long as a single Life Fiber thread remained in her body.

One of her more advanced abilities was Mind Stitch that allowed her to control humans like they were puppets.

The Grand Couture later created a special Kamui for Ragyo with this being Shinra-Kōketsu (神羅纐纈 Zettai Fukujū?) that provided the power of Life Fibers Domination (人衣君臨 Jin'i Kunrin?).


  • Ragyō Kiryūin was voiced by Japanese actor Romi Park with English actor Laura Post voicing her in the Dub.


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