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Randy, "Pancho" to his friends, was a medical student at Horlicks University who along with his friends Deke, Rachel and Laverne drove out to Cascade Lake at the beginning of October to go swimming, as Randy had seen a large raft there a few weeks prior while on a geology field trip. Parking Deke's Chevrolet Camaro on the shore the four teenagers went into the water and swam out to the raft. Along the way, Randy, lagging behind, noticing a duck get pulled underwater by a mysterious mass just beneath the surface. None of the others believed him - until the thing grabbed Rachel and consumed her.

Trapped on the raft the three remaining teens tried to figure out what to do, and soon Deke was eaten by the creature as well, leaving on Randy and Laverne. The two took turns standing guard during the night, one keeping an eye on the monster while the other slept. Come morning, Randy and Laverne realized they had grown very close as a result of their ordeal, and attempted to make love on the raft, only to experience coitus interruptus as the slime monster pulled Laverne off of the raft and devoured her.

A terrified Randy decided to take his chances, and, diving into the water, swam wildly for shore, and safety. He barely made it, and the creature seemed reluctant to come up on land. A triumphant Randy stood on the shore and shouted, "I beat you! Whatever you are, I beat you!" Suddenly the entire mass of the creature launched itself out of the water and towards Randy in a tidal wave of black slime. Panicked, the boy made a run for Deke's Camaro parked nearby, but was enveloped in the beast and eaten.


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