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The Rangers are an organization that features in Babylon 5.




After their creation a thousand years ago by Valen, the Rangers were always considered the first line of defense against the Shadows. (Episode: Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi?)

The Rangers were commissioned after a thousand years of silence. (Episode: Grey 17 is Missing) In 2243, Lenonn served as the leader of the Rangers who had been facing declining support from the rest of the Minbari who no longer believed in the prophecies of Valen. He would urge the Grey Council that the Shadow's had returned to their places of power but the rest of the Council did not believe him. Dukhat who was the leader of the Grey Council decided to order an expedition to Z'ha'dum to investigate but was killed when they accidently encountered a Human fleet. This chain of events led to the Earth-Minbari War in 2245 which Lenonn opposed as he felt it was a senseless conflict. Lennon would work with Delenn in order to create a secret conference with Earth Alliance personnel in order to end the war but it was struck secretly by the Centauri. In the attack, Lenonn was killed by falling debris thus depriving the Rangers of his leadership. (Movie: In the Beginning) At some point, the Rangers established the largest training camp on the Drazi colony of Zagros 7 that was on the edge of the territory of the Drazi Freehold. Similar sites were created on other worlds with the cooperation of other governments. (Episode: Matters of Honor)

During the Narn-Centauri War, the Rangers would come through Babylon 5 where they provided information on the conflict along with other details. After the Centauri bombardment of the Narn Homeworld, Draal told Delenn to introduce Captain Sheridan to the Rangers. After the Narn Regime surrendered to the Centauri Republic, John Sheridan was introduced to the Anla'Shok on Babylon 5. Prior to this point, the Rangers assigned in the area of Babylon 5 were under the command of Delenn though she would transfer equal authority to Sheridan who intended to assemble this army of light to battle the coming darkness. (Episode: The Long, Twilight Struggle) Michael Garibaldi served as a liaison between Sheridan and the Rangers. (Episode: Matters of Honor) At this time, dissent came in Narn population on Babylon 5 as they became unsure about Citizen G'Kar's ability to lead the underground movement to liberate their homeworld. Ultimately, they came to a compromise that if he could get a message from a family on the homeworld to one of their members on the station then they would agree to follow him. If he failed, then G'Kar would need to stand aside and let another Narn lead the movement. Citizen G'Kar agreed but was unable to accomplish the feat alone as communication except through official Centauri channels was impossible. As such, he went before Captain Sheridan and asked for his assistance where he left the details of the Narn family with him. In his hands, John Sheridan decided to enlist the aid of the Rangers to get the message as they desired Citizen G'Kar to remain in power among his people instead of leadership going into an unknown individual. (Episode: Comes the Inquisitor)

In 2260, Zagros 7 faced interdiction when Centauri blockade mines were kept in orbit and the fact that it was a minor colony meant that the Rangers themselves were the target. This saw Marcus Cole managing to escape the Centauri blockade of Zagros 7 where he went to travel to travel to Babylon 5. He managed to disappear on the station where he sought out the help of Ambassador Delenn. With her, they enlisted the aid of Captain Sheridan in breaking the blockade with the use of the White Star where the Rangers escaped the planet. During this moment, a Shadow vessel arrived at the scene and this saw the first defeat of a Shadow vessel by the White Star. (Episode: Matters of Honor) Following the scandal over President Clarke, Ranger-1 gave orders to the Rangers to pull back from Earth space as the area had become unstable. In addition, they received reports of Shadow sightings in Sector 800 and it was believed the Shadows were gathering on the edge of Centauri space. (Episode: Exogenesis) Security Chief Michael Garibaldi learnt that Dr Mary Kirkish of Interplanetary Expeditions was on the run from EarthGov from the Rangers and asked Marcus to help in bringing her to Babylon 5 where the command staff learnt of the Clarke administration's secret alliance with the Shadows. They also learnt of a buried Shadow ship on Ganymede in Sol where Captain Sheridan took the White Star to destroy the vessel before it could be recovered by EarthGov. (Episode: Messages from Earth) A Minbari Ranger operative later arrived on Babylon 5 to inform Delenn of his six month mission in the space of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds where he told her that many of them had allied themselves with the Shadows. These races were urged to go to war with their neighbors with many fearing being conquered by the Centauri and believed that they were being protected by their Shadow benefactors. (Episode: Severed Dreams)

After Jeffrey Sinclair who was Ranger-One disappeared onboard Babylon 4, his loss was considered a large blow to the Rangers who needed a new leader to inspire them for the coming war. To replace Sinclair, Rathenn suggested that Delenn take the position as he believed that not only would the Rangers support the choice but that they would not rally behind anyone else. She was opposed in this appointment by Neroon of the Warrior Caste who believed that Delenn was seeking power for herself and sought to take control of the Rangers but was delayed from the initiation ceremony on Babylon 5 by Marcus Cole. (Episode: Grey 17 is Missing) Following the apparent demise of Captain Sheridan on Z'ha'dum in 2261, Delenn summoned the Rangers to Babylon 5 where they arrived onboard the White Star fleet where she asked them to strike at the Shadow homeworld itself when the younger races who had retreated to their territories in the Shadow War. (Episode: Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi?) This changed when Captain Sheridan returned and Delenn instead ordered several Ranger ships to monitor the regions where the Shadow's and Vorlons were engaging those allied to either side. Whitestar 14 was dispatched into Shadow space where it was meant to be captured in order for the enemy to believe that the Army of Light had a base at Coriana VI. (Episode: The Long Night)

Interstellar Alliance

Following the end of the Shadow War, Captain Sheridan sought to change the mandate of the Rangers to monitor the border of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. They were intended to intervene in cases of pirate raids and other threats but would not be involved in military campaigns. In order to pass this move, Sheridan asked Londo Mollari and G'Kar to agree to have the Whitestar fleet to patrol their borders as a sign of good faith to promote its use among the League worlds. (Episode: Conflicts of Interest) In the aftermath of the Earth Civil War, the alien races that had allied with Sheridan agreed in the formation of the Interstellar Alliance with the Rangers serving as the military wing of this new government that formed in 2261. (Episode: Rising Star) In 2262, elements on Earth sought the elimination of President Sheridan during his inauguration with a Ranger killed and the body sent to Babylon 5 as a message of this coming assassination attempt. (Episode: No Compromise) Among the first issues that emerged was when the Rangers discovered that the Drazi government had supported the Raiders who had been striking at the Enfili. (Episode: The Paragon of Animals) Much of the Whitestar fleet remained to guard the Enfili homeworld when an unknown aggressive alien species fleet attacked Babylon 5. At the time, only a single Whitestar could support the station but during the height of the battle the rest of the fleet arrived to help defeat the alien invaders. (Episode: A View from the Gallery)

Delenn later sought a report on the progress from the Rangers that saw Sech's Durhan and Turval approaching Babylon 5 with two recruits in order to update her. They informed her of the new recruits from the other races into the ranks of the Rangers that included Drazi, Yolu and Abbai. However, an issue emerged over the Pak'ma'ra who were not adopting the training methods of the Anla'Shok. This saw Delenn suggesting that the Rangers find a different role for the Pak'ma'ra as couriers. (Episode: Learning Curve) They later reported an unknown force striking at the shipping lanes of the Alliance with the Ranger's re-deployed to combat this mysterious threat. (Episode: In the Kingdom of the Blind)

By 2265, various of the smaller worlds that composed the Interstellar Alliance were attacked by mysterious vessels belonging to an unknown enemy. In this time, an archaeological expedition uncovered millions of years old ruins on Beta Durani VII colony that were tied to these attackers. Thus, the Rangers were tasked to escort diplomats as part of a fact-finding mission though their destination was not told to them as they were transported on the newly created Valen that departed from Minbar. On route, the ship was attacked and destroyed by the mysterious attackers who were later revealed to be a race called the Hand that were preparing for their masters return. The Valen was destroyed but its diplomats were rescued by the escort ship Liandra captained by shok-na David Martell. The lone ship was able to destroy the Hand vessels and return its cargo of diplomats back to ISA territory. (Movie: The Legends of the Rangers)

By 3262, Earth had undergone a dark age known as the Great Burn where it became separated from the rest of the galaxy with mankind trapped on the world reverting to primitivism again following the loss of science and technology. Prophecies in this time spoke that the Anla'Shok would return to Earth in its greatest hour of need in order to rebuild the cradle of the Alliance. In secret, agents of the Rangers were present on the Earth where they sought to help rebuild the planet. A million years later, mankind had evolved into a race of energy beings with the Rangers still existing in this era with one of them compiling the records of the records of mankind for sending to New Earth just prior to Sol undergoing supernova. Upon completion of this task, the Ranger vessel departed into hyperspace to join the rest of his people. (Episode: The Deconstruction of Falling Stars)


To be Anla'Shok, it did not mean worrying about what others thought of the individual or if their actions were done so out of a sense of ego or destiny. Instead, it meant living each moment as if it was the last one and doing each right thing because it was a right thing regardless of scale or cost. Death had a meaning if it meant the Ranger did it with the fullest pursuit of their heart. They did things that frightened them knowing that there were no guarantees in their actions. (Episode: Learning Curve) Death was nothing to be feared but rather the biggest fear was failure in completing their mission. (Episode: Meditations on the Abyss) Each member had sworn their lives, fortune and blood to fight against the coming darkness of the Shadow War (Episode: The Long, Twilight Struggle) They were trained to both fight and to think with their training methods created by Minbari to serve their own kind initially. (Episode: Learning Curve) Many of them worked in dark places with their name nor their work known to anyone. (Episode: Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi?) They were trained to fight the Shadows and keep a vigilant eye out in space for danger. Each area was under the control of a leader that controlled them in a set area. Though created by the Minbari, many within the Minbari Federation were not comfortable with the concept of the Rangers. (Episode: Matters of Honor) If attacked, the issues of any such assault became under their jurisdiction who dealt with the matter themselves without resorting to outside intervention. (Episode: Learning Curve) They became a more open force following the Earth Civil War where they became a part of the Interstellar Alliance who were a recognized authority among its member races. In this era, they were tasked as a force that created peace but did not enforce it. (Episode: Rising Star)

Training was primarily held on Minbar itself with many of their number emerging from the Minbari homeworld though they had other training camps with the largest being on Zagros 7. Such training sites were created with the cooperation of other governments. (Episode: Matters of Honor) Rangers were taught to embrace delight, respect and compassion with pure actions being determined from direction, determination as well as strength. In addition, they were taught on how to live, breath and fight along with how to die. Furthermore, their training involved the application of terror namely on how to use it and how to face it. (Episode: A Late Delivery from Avalon) The application was terror was a part of their training and was known as "Mora'dum" in the Minbari language that was kind that crippled or destroyed individuals from within their minds. If wounded by an enemy, a Ranger was said to be in a state of terror as their attack had power over them which they needed to retake in order to be free once more. Thus, once well enough to function, said Ranger would be tasked with taking back power even if it cost them their lives. (Episode: Learning Curve)

Being an Anla'Shok meant that the person needed to be inside under all circumstances even when waiting to go into battle. Such a type of training meant that Minbari recruits of the warrior caste needed to be retrained to focus on a different way of combat. Meditation was a key aspect of the training process that was used to shape them to make them strong but flexible that should be accomplished even during distracting environments. (Episode: Learning Curve) An aspect of the training on Minbar involved taking part in the Nafak'cha rebirth ceremony that lasted an entire day. (Episode: Ceremonies of Light and Dark) Completion of the Ranger training regime could not be completed without learning to speak and think in the Minbari language with this being seen as a same skill as infiltration as well as combat techniques. (Episode: Shadow Dancing) It was expected that the Ranger learn at least two other languages not counting Interlac. (Episode: Learning Curve) Upon the formation of the Interstellar Alliance, the Anla'Shok were open to volunteers from other races to join their ranks. (Episode: Rising Star) Part of their training also involved meditation that allowed them to conserve their air supply and extend it to around two hours long. (Episode: Meditations on the Abyss)

Special badges were worn by its members that served as a means of identifying them to others. These were forged in white hot flame where they were cooled in three bowls with the first being ancient holy water, the second in Minbari blood and the last in Human blood. Its said that when a Ranger dies, the figures on either side of the badge shed three tears; one of water and two of blood. (Episode: Matters of Honor) The pins were forged with a jewel in the center known as Izil'sha that represented the birth of the future. On either side, were figures with one representing a Human and the other a Minbari that joined in order to represent the two parts of their souls unifying together. (Episode: A Late Delivery from Avalon)

A common weapon equipped to the Rangers was a Minbari fighting pike that fit in the hand but extended into a stave. (Episode: Matters of Honor) Some of these pikes could be hundreds of years old. (Episode: Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi?) These were known as denn'bok in the Minbari language and were noted for being a dangerous weapon. New recruits were not fully trained in its use as it should not be taken lightly or trained prematurely which was why it was proper for inductees to learn from the younger masters. (Episode: Learning Curve)

The leader of the Rangers was referred to as Ranger-One who were also known as Entil'zha. Initiation ceremonies were held for the appointment of a new leader. Once completed, the ceremony could not be undone thus nothing could be achieved in removing the new leader of the Rangers. (Episode: Grey 17 is Missing) A Sech was a position held by teachers among the Anla'Shok. (Episode: Learning Curve)

There was a saying among the Anla'Shok that the only way to get a straight answer from Ranger One was to look at every reply in a mirror whilst hanging upside down from the ceiling. (Episode: War without End, Part 1) Rangers were taught by the Minbari to avoid the locations where the First Ones frequented due to the danger and power of those ancient beings. (Episode: Voices of Authority)

They access to their own vessels which were known as the White Star with these were a new breed of Minbari warship that were notably different that they could not be identified by other species initially. They were smaller than their other vessels and faster than anything else their size. It used a combination of Minbari and Vorlon technology, this allowed them to make their own jump point into hyperspace unlike other ships of its class. They also made use of artificial gravity through drive systems that used magnetic and gravitation principles. (Episode: Matters of Honor)


  • Lenonn : male Minbari who headed the Rangers by 2243 who warned of the return of the Shadows, urged against the war with Earth and tried to negotiate the peace but was killed in a secret Centauri attack on the conference. (Movie: In the Beginning)
  • Jeffrey Sinclair :
  • Sindell : a male Minbari who was on the high council of the Anla'shok. (Movie: The Legends of the Rangers)
  • Marcus Cole : a male black haired human that had been recruited into the Rangers and joined six months after the death of his brother where he promised to finish what he had started. (Episode: Matters of Honor)
  • Ericsson : a male human commanding Whitestar 14 who gave his life in an attack on the Shadow base at Dorak VII in order to make the enemy strike at Coriana VI. (Episode: The Long Night)
  • Lennier : joined the Rangers in 2262 thus ending his service as Delenn's aide. (Episode: The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari)
  • Alwyn Macomber : male human who lived by 3262 on Earth in the post Great Burn primitive society where he worked in secret to help rebuild the planet. (Episode: The Deconstruction of Falling Stars)
  • Rastenn : a male Minbari recruit undergoing training in 2262 who was of the warrior caste. (Episode: Learning Curve)
  • Tannier : a male Minbari recruit undergoing training in 2262 who was of the religious caste. (Episode: Learning Curve)
  • Durhan : a senior male Minbari who was a senior Sech by 2262. (Episode: Learning Curve)
  • Turval : a senior male Minbari who was a Sech by 2262 who had taught both Delenn and Marcus Cole as well as Lennier. (Episode: Learning Curve)
  • Enrique Montoya : male human captain that headed White Star 27 that he unofficially named as the Maria after his deceased sister and served as the superior officer to Lennier. (Episode: Meditations on the Abyss)
  • Findell : a male junior Minbari stationed onboard White Star 27 and served under Captain Montoya who joined the Anla'Shok because two siblings died in the Shadow War but later tried to commit suicide when he believed his purpose in joining the Rangers was impure. (Episode: Mediations on the Abyss)
  • Nurella : Minbari recruit that was serving under Captain Montoya. (Episode: Meditations on the Abyss)
  • Drenn : Minbari recruit that was serving under Captain Montoya. (Episode: Meditations on the Abyss)
  • David Martell : a male human recruit who was disgraced for retreating from battle but was later given command of the Liandra. (Movie: The Legend of the Rangers)
  • Dulann : a male Minbari who was a latent telepath who served shok-nali on the Liandra to his friend David Martell. (Movie: The Legend of the Rangers)
  • Sarah Cantrell : a female human from Mars who served on-board the Liandra as combat and weapons specialist. (Movie: The Legend of the Rangers)
  • Malcolm Bridges : a black male human from Beta Colony who served on-board the Liandra as infiltration and covert specialist. (Movie: The Legend of the Rangers)
  • Kitaro Sasaki : a male human from Earth who served as a translation and communication specialist on the Liandra. (Movie: The Legend of the Rangers)
  • Firell : a female Minbari who served as a healer on-board the Liandra. (Movie: The Legend of the Rangers)
  • Tafeek : a male Minbari who served as a political specialist on-board the Liandra. (Movie: The Legend of the Rangers)
  • Na'Feel : a female Narn who was the first of her kind to join the Rangers where she served as a environmental, engines and weapons support specialist on the Liandra. (Movie: The Legend of the Rangers)
  • Tirk : a male Drazi who was the first of his kind to serve the Rangers where he was a crewman on-board the Liandra. (Movie: The Legend of the Rangers)


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