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The Interstellar Alliance is a government that features in Babylon 5.



The Interstellar Alliance was created in 2261 after the end of the Earth Civil War that saw the deposed President Clark of the Earth Alliance having his reign ended by Captain John Sheridan and his allies in the Liberation Fleet. Whilst Earth decided on the legality of his actions, the alien allies of Sheridan came together to decide to form an alliance of cooperation that promoted the ideals he embodied during the Shadow War. Thus, it was decided that these races would dissolve the League of Non-Aligned Worlds whose member races joined the Interstellar Alliance alongside the Minbari Federation, Centauri Republic and Narn Regime. The Earth Alliance was also offered the chance of joining the Interstellar Alliance though allowed them the choice of refusal but stated that this would be the beginning of a new era of cooperation. As Sheridan was forced to resign from Earthforce, he had been given the post of President of the Interstellar Alliance. Earth would join the Alliance though as part of its membership the rights of the member worlds needed to be respected thus allowing them to declare independence if they so desired such as Mars. At this point, Babylon 5 served as the temporary headquarters of the Interstellar Alliance until a more permanent place could be made on Tuzanor on Minbar. (Episode: Rising Star)

In 2262, the inauguration ceremony of President Sheridan was to take place on Babylon 5 though a rogue human resenting the Earth Civil War made an assassination attempt on his life. This saw the creation of a covert intelligence division being created with Michael Garibaldi placed in charge of it. In addition, President Sheridan authorized for the creation of a rogue telepath colony on Babylon 5 after one of their number saved his life from an assassin. (Episode: No Compromise) An issue emerged regarding the signing of the Declaration of Principles with the Drazi ambassador refusing to do so and urging others to similar refuse. This became a problem as these alien worlds desired the advanced technologies of the Alliance but these would not be offered until the signing was made of the Declarations. In this time, Raiders supported secretly by the Drazi were tasked with attacking the resource rich world of the Enfili people who had sought membership into the Interstellar Alliance. (Episode: The Paragon of Animals) Covert Intelligence learnt from the Gaim of an aggressive species striking at various worlds with the enemy fleet attacking Babylon 5. (Episode: A View from the Gallery) The Advisory Council appointed Stephen Franklin in order to assess the threat of cross species infections. (Episode: Strange Relations) A crisis emerged when the telepaths on Babylon 5 assigned with the Covert Intelligence Division went rogue and probed the minds of the Alliance member worlds in order to blackmail them into giving them a homeworld for them. (Episode: In the Kingdom of the Blind)

Afterwards, it was discovered that the mysterious enemy attacking the various races shipping lines had been attempting to frame another member species of the Alliance. (Episode: A Tragedy of Telepaths) Ultimately, concrete evidence was found that indicated that the Centauri Republic had been responsible for the attacks over the last six months on the shipping lanes of the Alliance members. This saw the Centauri being sanctioned and an official blockade against the Republic until they paid for the damages they had done. In response, the Centauri Republic withdrew from the Interstellar Alliance whilst stating that any attack on their ships would be an act of war. (Episode: And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder) This conflict was referred to as the Centauri War with the Drazi fleet at Draxis colony being struck with the Republic targeting enemy Jumpgates. In response, the White Star fleet was deployed to engage the Centauri warships. One attempt was made to send a Centauri warship to destroy the Jumpgate at Babylon 5. At the same time, ships from the Narn Regime and Drazi Freehold secretly broke off from the Alliance in order to attack Centauri Prime at their own volition. (Episode: Movements of Fire and Shadow) Centauri Prime was devastated in the process but the ascension of Emperor Londo Mollari called an end to hostilities after declaring the attacks by his people being the orders of the deceased Regent. The surrender saw the Centauri eing forced to pay reparation's for the damage they had done but also saw them withdrawing from the Interstellar Alliance whilst engaging in a period of isolationism. (Episode: The Fall of Centauri Prime) Sometime afterwards, President Sheridan and his wife Delenn moved to the new ISA headquarters on Minbar. (Episode: Objects at Rest)

It was considered that the Interstellar Alliance had been a force for good in the galaxy. By 2362, there was a period of 100 Year Peace leading to the 100th Anniversary of the Alliance with commentators on Earth giving denouncing Sheridan's character and his actions. In 2762, EarthGov sought expansion with these government policies going against that of the Interstellar Alliance as their Ranger's prevent these goals from coming to fruition. This saw the rise of another civil war emerging within humanity which was why the Politdivision Central of Earth government sought to discredit the Interstellar Alliance by using doctored holographic footage to deconstruct their leaders such as Sheridan along with others for Infospeak Division. The holographic recreation of Michael Garibaldi managed to subvert his programming and signaled to the Interstellar Alliance the truth of this secret program. In the 500th year of the Alliance, the inhabitants of Earth engaged in warfare against one another with this devastating the planet creating the Great Burn thus reverting mankind to a primitive existence without technology as they became isolated from space. (Episode: The Deconstruction of Falling Stars)


This government was created to be a political as well as economic alliance and not one based on military strength. Among the core tenets of this government was to help less advanced worlds to improve their conditions, encourage better relations between races and promote free trade. Each member sovereign right was respected in the governance of their worlds and their people. However, members of the Alliance were required to follow a code of conduct in relation to other worlds or risk losing all advantages offered by them. Such advantages included the knowledge of more advanced technology to those that joined the Alliance. Furthermore, the rights of colony worlds needed to be respected thus allowing them to declare independence if they desired to do so. (Episode: Rising Star) Under the Constitution, the Alliance held jurisdiction over matters concerning disputes among the member worlds. (Episode: A Tragedy of Telepaths) All races were required to provide medical information as part of their membership in the Alliance. (Episode: Strange Relations) In addition, they were required the boycott items on the prohibited list though illegal smuggling still occurred among the member governments. (Episode: The Ragged Edge)

Its leadership consisted of an advisory board though complete control resided in the hands of a duly elected President. (Episode: Rising Star) Important aspects included the Oaths of Office and the Declaration of Principles of the Interstellar Alliance. (Episode: No Compromise) It was not the policy of the Alliance to bargain with terrorists for the lives of hostages as this opened a floodgate for future such incidents. (Episode: The Deconstruction of Falling Stars) On matters of planetary security, the President was required to inform the member races after reviewing this information in-house. (Episode: In the Kingdom of the Blind) The Declaration of Principles stated that during hostilities required both combatants to return the bodies of the dead. (Episode: Movements of Fire and Shadow) The Entil'zha of the Rangers had discretionary power on their assignments. (Episode: Darkness Ascending)

The military wing of this government was that provided by the Rangers who held the most advanced fleet in existence at the time of its creation. All member governments recognized the independent authority of the Rangers as part of the Interstellar Alliance. Their task was to work to create peace but not to enforce it. As such, they only stayed in areas where they were invited and sought to protect allied worlds from Raiders or invasion from other races. In addition, they would aid member governments military's in strengthening their border. If a member world would attack a neighbor, the Rangers would come to learn of this and share this knowledge with the neighboring government. Should multiple member worlds come to aid that attacked government, then the Rangers would provide information but not intervene directly. Ultimately, the goals of the Rangers would be to treat all members equally and fairly in order to promote cooperation as a more beneficial outcome over competition or aggressive expansion. (Episode: Rising Star) Under the constitution, the Anla'Shok were above local security and police forces. (Episode: Learning Curve)

Each member race were also allowed to contribute volunteers to join the Rangers thus showcasing their independence and fairness. (Episode: Rising Star)

A covert intelligence division was later created in order to deal with various threats to the Alliance. (Episode: No Compromise) This organization was headed by a director who controlled covert activities. Initially, this branch had access to the use of a number of rogue human telepaths for use in covert intelligence unit for information gathering resources. (Episode: The Paragon of Animals)


  • John Sheridan : elected President upon the formation of the Alliance after the Earth Civil War and his resignation from Earthforce. (Episode: Rising Star)
  • Delenn : representative of the Minbari Federation who sat on the advisory council of the Alliance upon its formation. (Episode: Rising Star)
  • Londo Mollari : representative of the Centauri Republic who sat on the advisory council of the Alliance upon its formation. (Episode: Rising Star)
  • G'Kar : representative of the Narn Regime who sat on the advisory council of the Alliance upon its formation. (Episode: Rising Star)
  • Tessa Holloran : female human who headed the Mars Resistance against President Clark where she was known as Number One and later served as Michael Garibaldi's replacement where she was put in charge of the covert intelligence division. (Episode: Objects in Motion)


  • Babylon 5: "Rising Star"

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