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Rassilon is an alien character that features in Doctor Who.




He was noted for developing the Rassilon Imprimatur that was a symbiotic nuclei in the cells of a Time Lord that allowed them to withstand the molecular stresses of time travel and granted them a link to their time machines. (Episode: The Two Doctors) In that time long ago, both Rassilon and Omega were noted to had created Validium to be the ultimate defence for Gallifrey. (Episode: Silver Nemesis)

In Gallifrey's early history, the Time Lords were known to make use of a Time Scoop where they abducted sentient beings and placed them in the Death Zone on the planet as part of a series of gladiatorial entertainment games. It was said that Rassilon put an end to the practice where he sealed off the Zone and forbade the use of the Time Scoop. (Episode: The Five Doctors)

During the Time War, Rassilon had been resurrected and become the leader of the High Council of Time Lords during their war against the Daleks. The conflict was noted to had been devastating as the two mortal enemies waged an eternal war against one another. In response, they began to become as dangerous as their enemies as the numerous horrors of the war were unleashed. It was fated that Gallifrey would fall leading to the destruction of the Time Lords with the conflict being a fixed point in time within a time lock. The Doctor was noted to had played a part in allowing his race and the Daleks to perish in the war with him departing with the Moment. However, Rassilon did not accept dying in the Time War and sought a means of escape for his people. This was because he intended to initiate the Final Sanction whereby he intended to create a rupture that would rip the Time Vortex apart whereupon he along with his people would ascend into being creatures of consciousness alone that were free of their physical forms and time as reality ended. To accomplish this, Rassilon decided to make use of the Master by manipulating his own timeline and implanting a signal that was based on the heart-beat of a Time Lord that came across as the sound of drums. With the Master escaping the war, he became an anchor for the signal through which Gallifrey could re-emerge into the universe so that the Final Sanction could be enacted. As Gallifrey emerged above Earth, the Doctor arrived where he destroyed the link thus thwarting Rassilon's plans. The Time Lord ruler intended to kill the Doctor but the Master attacked him forcing the pair back into the rift into the Time War seemingly killing him. (Episode: The End of Time, Part 2)


Personality and attributes

Rassilon was noted for being a very clever being. (Episode: The Five Doctors)

It was said that Rassilon knew that immortality was not a blessing but it was a curse. (Episode: The Five Doctors)

Some had attributed Rassilon with saying that there were fewer ways in which a Time Lord could be more innocently occupied, then in catching fish. (Episode: The Two Doctors)

Powers and abilities

It was said that no one truly knew the extent of Rassilon's powers. Even in death, his mind was said to exist within the Tomb of Rassilon and could attack intruders by projecting emotions such as fear. (Episode: The Five Doctors)

There were numerous relics associated with Rassilon that included:

  • Black Scrolls of Rassilon : (Episode: The Five Doctors)
  • Harp of Rassilon : (Episode: The Five Doctors)
  • Ring of Rassilon : (Episode: The Five Doctors)

Rassilon in his role as leader of the Time Lords made use of a gauntlet capable of a wide range of effects including disintegrating enemies and reversing genetic transplants of an entire species on a planetary scale. (Episode: The End of Time, Part 2) One of his lasting legacies to his people was the Rassilon Imprimatur that was a symbiotic print within the physiology of a Time Lord that allowed them to operate their time machines. (Episode: The Two Doctors)

After death, his remains were said to reside at the Tomb of Rassilon located on Gallifrey where it was said that he resided in an eternal sleep. (Episode: The Five Doctors)


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  • Doctor Who: "The Five Doctors"

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