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Reapers are an human derived species that feature in the Blade movie.



Reapers were a breed of Vampires that inhabited the world and were created in the modern day. Their creation came as a result of the experiments of the ancient vampire elder Eli Damaskinos who was studying the genetic material of vampires. This was with the express purpose of eliminating his people's weaknesses through the genetic sequencing of his own pureblood DNA. As a result, the Reaper stain was created with the most prominent of these newborn vampires being Jared Nomak. He would consider himself Damaskinos's son but was abandoned leading to him feeling intense resentment for the elder vampire. As a result, he began to secretly wage a war against vampire society where he began to infect others with the Reaper strain creating more of these mutant vampires. These vampires began to grow in number leading to the vampires forging an alliance with vampire hunter Blade in the hopes of tricking him into fighting a common threat.


The internal anatomy of a Reaper was as different from a Vampire as the Vampires are different from Humans.

The mouths were reinforced allowing for a much more powerful bite on a victim which allowed the Reaper to spread its specific vampiric strain into a new host body. Those bitten whether they be Human or Vampire suffer similar affects of a Human being bitten by a Vampire. They begin a slow process of changing into a new Reaper.

Their chests are heavily reinforced with bone; encasing and protecting the heart from external attacks making a stake ineffective against them. The internal organs and nervous system is amazingly redundant and continues to function even if most of the body is damaged, similar to a cockroach. A dead specimens body if exposed to blood has its organs becoming active as it continues to feed even though the creature is effectively dead.


  • Jared Nomak : the first of the Reaper strain who was stable and went on a quest of vengeance against his 'father' Eli Damaskinos.


  • The Reapers are an original concept made for the second Blade movie.


  • Blade 2:

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