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The Red Ribbon Army is a paramilitary organization in the anime and manga Dragon Ball. They are mentioned in Dragon Ball Z during the Android Saga, and makes a final reappearance in Dragon Ball GT. Led by a diminutive Commander Red, the goal of the Red Ribbon Army was to use any means necessary to obtain the Dragon Balls and wish for world takeover; yet Commander Red secretly planned his wish for him to be a taller person. Since he was a very short person, he despised being around those who were taller than him.

When Adjutant Black found out about Red's plan, he killed the Commander and took control of the Red Ribbon Army and, in the anime, re-named the organization the Black Ribbon Army. The entire army was defeated when a young boy named Son Goku sought to stop the army's evil ways by infiltrating the fortress, killing Black in the midst.

It is noted that every single officer in the Red Ribbon Army are intentionally named after a certain color.

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