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The Redeemer is the name of several characters that feature in Spawn.


Redeemer (Jason Wynn)

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After the defeat of Angela, Heaven believed the Hellspawn Al Simmons was unique and thus dangerous. As a result, Control contacted their branch on Earth that dealt in Terran Affairs and ordered that a specially created agent be used to eliminate the Spawn. This saw Orbital Angel Station being deployed where angelic presences that hollowed human bodies were sent to Earth's surface where Elemental Fire was used in transforming Jason Wynn into their chosen warrior. (Spawn v1 #16) Left in pain from the light, he was compelled to complete his mission and sought out Spawn in order to eliminate him. (Spawn v1 #17) The Anti-Spawn failed but the operators at Angel Station believed this to be only a trial run and added more Elemental Fire into their agent with Wynn begging to be spared from the light that burnt his soul from the inside. (Spawn v1 #18)

Redeemer (Phil Timper)

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Redeemer (Eddie Frank)

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They were referred to as Heaven's soldier. (Spawn v1 #18) The Redeemers tended to be agents of Heaven itself that were empowered with the Elemental Fire of Heaven itself. Only a few that were strong of will could bear being host to this power. Those that were transformed were said to be no longer living nor were they human anymore. Instead, they were soldiers of the light and were referred to as the Anti-Spawn. (Spawn v1 #16) The Redeemer could shape this light into any form they needed such as firing it as energy blasts or forming it into blades. In times of need, the Anti-Spawn weapon could have more Elemental Fire added into them to increase their potency. (Spawn v1 #18)

Some hosts were shown to be in excruciating pain from the power that burned in them. Thus, in a mad state, they sought to achieve Heaven's mission for them in order for them to be free of its influence. In some cases, they even begged their masters to kill them to spare them from the pain. (Spawn v1 #18)


  • The Redeemer was created by Todd McFarlane and Grant Morrison where it made its first appearance in Spawn v1 #16 (December, 1993).

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  • Spawn v1: (1993)

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