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The mighty Redwoods.

The Redwoods are a plant race that features in Inhumanoids.



The Redwoods were a bipedal race of Mutores that inhabited the surface of the planet Earth. They were an ancient people who along with their fellow allies such as the Granites and Magnokor fought a war against the Inhumanoids. Under Metlar's rule, the Inhumanoids rose to destroy their enemies with the Redwoods waging an impossible war against impossible odds. Despite heavy losses, they had managed to defeat their foes and drove them to submission. The Redwoods were responsible for defeating D'Compose where hey paralyzed him with sunlight causing him to topple into an amber pit. This led to the skeletal Inhumanoid being encased in amber where he was kept within the forests populated by the Redwoods where they served as his guards for centuries. By the modern age, mankind had advanced and began to encroach on the territory of the Redwoods. This led to scientific group named Earth Corps uncovering the amber monolith believing it to be a long extinct dinosaur and unaware of it containing the creature D'Compose. Despite the attempt from the Redwoods, they were unable to stop the humans in secret and the monolith was taken away to the museum for a public unveiling. Unknown to anyone, Blackthorne Shore had freed the monster Tendril that moved to free D'Compose with the two Inhumanoids moving on their quest to free Metlar. Liquidator of the Earth Corps sought to learn more about the Inhumanoids and decided to go to the forest where he was ambushed by the Redwoods. Redlen of these Mutores sensed good within Liquidator and decided to tell him of the horror the Earth Corps had unleashed on the world.


In appearance, they resembled red bark skinned bipedal humanoids with short stump-like legs and long arms. They were hairless with large mouths and green eyes. Redwoods had the natural ability to change shape where they could turn into tree stumps allowing them to hide from humans in plain sight. Such was the command over their bodies that they could use their roots in their tree forms as extensions of their being. This allowed them to extend them to grab onto individuals deep underground or create gaps in the ground to allow sunlight into the underground. They seemingly had the means of sensing auras and determining whether was good or pure of heart.


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