Rigel 5

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Rigel 5 was the homeworld of the koalas. It was conquered by the Toad Empire shortly after the liberation of Kinnear, who turned it into a resort for toads. But thanks to a brave koala named Quentin, Bucky O'Hare and his crew were alerted to the problem. Rigel 5 was surrounded by a mammal defense shield, so AFC Blinky had to go in, but he was captured and reprogrammed by Toadborg to sabotage the Righteous Indignation. But thanks to Willy, disaster was averted and Blinky, still pretending to be on the side of the toads, returned to Rigel 5 and deactivated the defense shield successfully, allowing Bucky and the others to land. The toads were so busy having fun that the mammals were able to enter and take over a Toad TV studio, broadcasting footage of Bruiser all across the planet. Terrified of the Berserker Baboon, the toads fled and Rigel 5 was freed.

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