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Ryo Takatsuki is a male character that features in Project ARMS.



Ryo Takatsuki was a Japanese male born in the modern age who was the son of Iwao and Misa Takatsuki. In reality, he was a genetic experiment created by the Bluemen who were looking for a weapon to combat their enemies in the Egrigori. They determined the best weapon to use against their powerful foe was the ARMS but the cybernetic weapons when bonded to normal humans led to horrific results. After extensive research, they determined that humans with a specific genetic profile were able to form a symbiotic relationship with the ARMS. This resulted in an experiment to genetically engineer four children with this genetic sequence with this occurring in the village of Abumisawa. A result was the birth of the boy that became Ryo Takatsuki around 17 years ago. He was bonded with the ARMS that was the Jabberwock but there was a fear that the children would become a target of the Egrigori. As a result, they were given to adoptive parents to care for them with Ryo given to a pair of mercenaries that were known as Iwao and Misa Takatuski. His parents knew that their son would have to combat the Egrigori someway with the pair quietly training Ryo in survival techniques, martial arts and strategy. One day, when he was young he encountered a girl his age named Katsumi Akagi who was grieving for the death of a cat she had found. Takatsuki comforted her and helped in the burial of the animal with respect leading to the two striking a close friendship.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, he resembled an average male in his late teens with short dark-brown spiky hair and often wore a t-shirt along with jeans.

As a teenager, he could not remember much of his childhood beyond having an accident whereby he was treated by doctors. Since that time, he noted that his right hand recovered faster than the rest of his body but never thought much about the reason behind that remarkable healing.

Within his mind, there resided the personality of his ARMS which was Jabberwock. The monstrous entity considered itself a demon that delighted in destroying all those that opposed it. Jabberwock considered itself a demon and a god of destruction that that hated the world. This stemmed from the part of Alice that felt nothing but hatred for mankind for the pain she experienced in her life. After her absorption into Azazel, this translated into the hate filled entity that became the Jabberwock. It frequently offered Ryo power n order to destroy his enemies and avenge the deaths of his loved ones. Initially, this was an attempt by Jabberwock to take control over the host body so that he could go on a rampage. In time, it developed an understanding with Ryo after he vowed to accept Jabberwock as part of himself. This led to the entity deciding to pledge himself to Takatsuki and even turning against Dark Alice.

Powers and abilities

From his parents, he underwent extensive military style training that was designed to help him in times of danger. However, Takatsuki never realised the significance of this in his childhood and simply thought that his parents simply wanted him to have an extensive workout regimen.

He was genetically engineered from birth to be able to bond with an ARM with him being given the Jabberwock. It was constructed from a sentient metal and nanomachines that were in his right arm. Typically, it camouflaged itself making it appear as a normal arm but was able to transform at will. The ARM was noted to respond to other ARMS whereby it experienced vibrations that at times was uncontrollable causing Ryo's right arm to react violently. These were referred to as sympathetic vibrations as the machine limb reacted to another of its kind. Though embedded in his right arm, the ARM actually spread across his entire body allowing him to achieve a full body transformation. It was able to adapt to the needs of the user allowing it to form new abilities over time. Initially, it manifest as the right arm limb of Takasuki which transformed into a reddish monstrous claw giving him incredible strength and the ability to rend through most objects. A key advantage of Jabberwock was that it was designed as an anti-ARMS weapon with its claws able to deactivate nanomachines. As a result, its attacks were able to deal permanent damage to Azazel-derived nanomachines which did not heal from attacks by Jabberwock.

When needed, the Jabberwock could manifest a pair of thrusters on its back giving him the ability to fly.

Jabberwock could manifest cannons on his arms which could use available material around him which was consumed and fired at enemies. Such blasts were noted for being quite powerful allowing him to destroy combat cyborgs.


  • Ryo Takatsuki was created by Ryōji Minagawa and featured in the setting of Project ARMS.


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