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The S.S. Venture was the ship that took Ann Darrow and Carl Denham and his film crew to Skull Island in most versions of the King Kong storyline.


King Kong & The Son of Kong

Her captain was Captain Englehorn, Jack Driscoll her first mate and Briggs her second mate. Following the capture of King Kong by Denham, it was used to transport the huge gorilla back to New York.

The Venture would later take Denham and Englehorn back to Skull Island to look for its lost treasure along with Hilda Peterson, but Nils Helstrom incited a mutiny among its crew by telling them what had happened to the previous crew (they had all been eaten by dinosaurs). After throwing Denham, Hilda, Englehorn, Charlie the cook and even Helstrom overboard, the Venture became the property of Red and his fellow mutineers.

King Kong (Monster Comics)

Mostly the same as the original film, except that there is no mutiny since the comic versions of the story do not contain the Son of Kong story arc.

The Mighty Kong

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King Kong (2005)

Mostly the same as the original film, except that Ben Hayes is the first mate (while Jack Driscoll is a playwright).

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