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Scarface is an extraterrestrial video game character that features in Predator: Concrete Jungle.



Scarface was sent on a lone hunt to the planet Earth where he stalked the Borgia Family and its gang lord Bruno Borgia. After causing a wave of death during the heat wave the city was facing, he confronted Bruno Borgia and took the gangsters head as a trophy after which he approached his wife Isabella Borgia and the newborn son Hunter Borgia. Scarface let his guard down after seeing a defenseless woman and her child which was the opportunity Isabella needed to get her gun out and shot Scarface in his left eye which brought about the Yautja's name. Wounded and now being hunted by Borgia's men, Scarface attempted to flee but left many of his hunting tools behind. After falling through a burning building, Scarface was ready to die and activated his ship's self destruct sequence in order to die with honour. The ship exploded and devastated much of the city but Scarface survived.

By living and revealing the existence of his kind in a shameful manner to the Human prey species, Scarface was taken in by his clan who decided to banish him to an arid death world with nothing but a glaive for a weapon. A century later, his clansmen would return to see him victorious over the swarms of insectoid lifeforms that attempted to kill him. The clan elder gave Scarface a chance to redeem himself for his past disgrace. After leaving many of his hunting tools behind, the Humans of the Borgia family dissected the technology to make themselves a powerful force on Earth and actively took steps to kill any Yautja hunters that arrived on the planet. Scarface was given the task of removing all traces of his kind's technology and recovering any hunters or hunting gear left behind. The clan ship would drop him onto the city of Neonopolis which was ruled by the Borgia family.

Once there, Scarface engaged in hunting operations which killed various gang lords as well as retrieved various pieces of his race's technoogy. This ultimately culminated in his discovery that Isabella Borgia had survived and was sustained by Yautja biology. Scarface killed her and went on to fight Hunter Borgia who was now augmented through genetic engineering that mixed Yautja DNA with his own. Despite Borgia's enhanced physiology and his hunting tools, Scarface was able to defeat Hunter killing him and taking his head as a trophy.


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  • Scarface was the player character in the setting of the video game Predator: Concrete Jungle.


  • Predator: Concrete Jungle:

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