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Hunter Borgia is a character that features in Predator: Concrete Jungle.



Hunter Borgia was a male Human born in 1930 in New Way City and was the son of local gangster Bruno Borgia. His mother was Isabella Borgia and he was born a weakling with Isabella commenting in future years that he would have died as a baby. During that time, the gangsters were being hunted by the New Way Devil. His father was killed by the creature but his mother protected him by using a shotgun on the monster that came. Its blood splattered on the young baby and gave him renewed life; making him stronger then normal. As such, his mother named him Hunter in honor of the creature that gave him life and commented that in many ways, the New Way Devil now known as Scarface was in effect its father.

With the alien hunter beaten, the Borgia family made use of a left behind hunting tools to develop their power base. Hunter grew up to be a powerful gangster that built the city of Neonopolis with the many factions paying him tribute. His knowledge of the past allowed him to set traps for the hunters whenever they came during the hot season in order to capture them and use both their biology as well as technology to his benefit. He also sired a daughter known as Lucretia Borgia who served as his lieutenant. His aging mother survived the years by being placed in a state of suspended animation where her body was pumped with the alien's blood which kept her alive. In this state, her mind was used as a central computer for Neonopolis and became known as MOTHER.

A hundred years after this event, the Yautja known as Scarface returned to the planet Earth once again. This time, he was not here to hunt but to clean up the mess he made those years long ago. His hunts managed to recover much of the technology left behind but notified Hunter Borgia that the creature had once again returned. In order to defeat this enemy, Hunter made use of genetic engineering to fuse the aliens biology with that of his own. The process was interrupted however by Lucretia who woke her father before it was completed due to Scarface attacking their base. Hunter Borgia was now changed forever and had no compassion for his daughter. Larger, more powerful and now equipped with Yautja hunting tools, he battled Scarface but was defeated. He heard Scarface's recording of his mothers statement that he should have died as a weakling and that the Yautja gave him life. After which, Scarface killed him and took his head taken as a trophy.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

In his augmented state, Hunter Borgia was larger and had a slight scaly skin like that of the Yautja. He had the distinct forehead of a Yautja but with a Human face. Hunter roared like the Yautja and possessed one of the alien creatures faces as a shoulder plate.



  • Predator: Concrete Jungle:

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