Schloss Adler

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The Schloss Adler was a Bavarian castle that served as headquarters for all of the German Sercret Service and Gestapo activities in southern Germany. Its commanding officer was Colonel Paul Kramer. Dubbed "The Castle of the Eagle," it sat perched high on a cliff on the Weissspitze overlooking the neighboring German town and the Blau See. Due to its great height, it was accessible only by cable car or helicopter.

Following the crash of his Mosquito plane, Cartwright Jones, pretending to be General George Carnaby, was captured and taken to the Schloss Adler to be interrogated. A commando team led by Major John Smith and Lieutenant Morris Schaffer was sent in under the pretense of rescuing "Carnaby," but their real mission was to obtain the names of Nazi spies working in Britain from the men who made up their team, spies themselves; although at first only Smith and Mary Ellison were aware of this. Following the successful gathering of the names and the freeing of Jones, Smith and what remained his team fled the Schloss Adler.

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