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Scott Raven is known simple as Scooty and his better known also as "The Show" was a member of the Spy Fighters under command of Billy and Chuck. Scooty was One of the few members to spy on Sasha Faxon in Lincoln High School having him to do two jobs but low pay cause of his very slow Card. Scooty teams up with his partner Paul for a very long time but they were unsuccessful in tag battles. Scooty was one of the ten firstspies to joined. Scooty was a spy at first but then he decided to help out the team by being a Spy Fighter thanks to his quickness he was a successful fighter and wrestler. While fighting he earns the respects of the crowd And a nickname that the crowd were screaming of, the nickname was "The Show" or "Mr. Show". Scooty plays Volleyball for the Lincoln Team. Scooty was never release from his contract but he released himself for good in July 17, 2012.


Early Life

Scooty was born and raised in oak Grove, Kentucky. Scott is a huge fan of WWE and UFC Fighter, cause of that, he wanted to be either a Wrestler or a Fighter when he grows up. He was a Baseball Player in West Creek Middle School. He describes his family as very Christians. When Scott graduated from his middle school him and his family moved out to San Diego.


Scotty started the high school in his first year as Freshman. And quickly he decided to joined the volleyball team. A week later, he was hired by Fred Dominguez (Javier Perez) as a spy. Scooty was the number 10 they picked in their Spy Roster. Scooty was a spy to spy on Carlos girlfriend Sasha Faxon. Scotty become a good friend of Sasha and he got the advantage to take info. Scooty was responsible to send info to his leader Fred about Sasha's day. A month later, Scooty withness Sasha and Justin Fookes first kiss together. Scooty recorded the video so did other members. Scooty mention to Fred that Sasha was inloved with Justin back in September 26, 2011. Months later, Scooty refuse to help the SWAT to destroy the Hight School, which they didn't after Sniper (the manager of the spies company) decided not to do so in November 8, 2011.

Spy Fighte Career

In November 22, 2011, Scooty decided to be part of the spy fighters. he say that this could be his beginning of wrestling or fighting. Fred and The bad company started to fough. He made his debut by defeating Rock in single competition. Then he work his way up defeating the likes of Spikey, Chris, and Albert. after all his hard work the people are started to give charisma to him and a nickname as "The Show".He started to team up with Albert just for a month before Albert turned on him making Albert be the Heel jumping back to the Bad Side. Fred also turned on them in December 20, 2011. Carlos send Scooty to teach Fred a lesson but he failed. Scooty begun to team up with Paul as his new tag team partner but they both fail to win their first match together against Billy and Chuck. Scooty and Paul won couple of matches but most of them were lost. Scooty and Paul split after the Illuminati came along. Paul retired from spying and wrestling leaving Scooty by itself. Two months later Scooty release his ownself from the contract in July 2012. Scooty reason for leaving was never told. Moves






-Scooty is the only one in the Spy Company to live in Oak Grove, Kentucky. -scotty never return to the company.

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