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Ant-Man Scott Lang in Ant-Man v2 #1.

Scott Lang is a male comic character that features in Marvel Comics.




Scott Lang was born in Coral Gables in Florida and he developed his skills as an electronics expert as a career. However, this was unable to support his family leading to him turning to burglary. He was apprehended by the police and given a prison sentence though was paroled after three years due to good behavior. Whilst at prison, he furthered his study in electronics and after being released this allowed him to be hired by Stark Internatonal where he worked at their design department. Under the direction of Tony Stark, Lang helped install a new security system at Avengers Mansion. (Avengers v1 #181)


During the War of the Realms, Earth came under an attack from the forces of the Dark Council which saw the Frost Giants laying claim to North America as New Jotunheim. Lady Freyja came to Scott Lang to ask for his aid in avenging her son Loki who died at the hands of his biological father Laufey. She asked him along with three other size-shifters to infiltrate the Frost Giants conquered territory so that they could slay the giant progenitor Ymir. In exchange for his aid, Freyja promised to help find Scott's daughter Cassie and make sure she was safe. (Giant-Man v1 #1)

Despite his efforts, he was not able to make a living and tried to raise his profile in the Florida Everglades. This saw him teaming up with his daughter Stinger as they shutdown an A.I.M. drug running operation that were manufactured altered street drugs for a profit. He was then hired by the bee association to investigate someone stealing hives of bees. (Ant-Man v2 #1)

Unable to seemingly stop the giant Bug-Lords, his daughter Cassie decided to continue the fight and recover her helmet where she left her father behind. Scott Lang was then contacted by the dying Bug-Lord Ve'trock who as a last act commanded the insects of the Savage Land to swarm around Ant-Man to create a giant body for himself to battle the other two Bug-Lords that were under Macrothrax's control. He managed to hold the giant Bug-Lords at bay whilst his daughter Cassie fought against Macrothax. Ultimately, she was able to take back her helmet thus freeing the Bug-Lords from the villains control whereupon the Worldhive decided to take their revenge against him for betraying them. Scott and Cassie were then returned to their home by the bugs with the two spending time together after their adventure. (Ant-Man v2 #5)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

In his shrunken state in Ant-Man v2 #5.

The helmet had a link to the Avengers Files that included a list supervillains and detailed their capabilities. (Ant-Man v2 #1)

With the helmet, he could communicate with a wide variety of insects that included ants. It translated the natural signals into a language that the user could understand. By reversing the signal, Lang could give insects commands and even ask them specific questions. (Ant-Man v2 #1)

For a time, he operated his own company called Ant-Man Security Solutions that were a consultancy group to help improve security for premises from theft and robberies. (Ant-Man v2 #2)


  • Scott Lang was created by David Michelinie and John Byrne where he made his first appearance in Avengers v1 #181 (March, 1979) but debuted as Ant-Man in Marvel Premiere v1 #47 (April, 1979).

In other media


  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the character made his first animated appearance in the episode "To Steal an Ant-Man" where he was voiced by actor Crispin Freeman. He was a skilled electrical engineer who had a daughter named Cassie with him having a good career until she was sick. In an effort to save her, he turned to a life of crime as a thief to get the money for her treatment. He was eventually caught and sent to prison though his daughter recovered from her condition. After leaving jail, he struggled to find a job due to his crimes and eventually settled as a maintenance engineer at Grayburn College where he tended to the laboratory of Doctor Hank Pym. However, his old crime colleagues headed by Crossfire who believed that he had spent the money on their jobs. Thus, they kidnapped Cassie and threatened her life unless Scott returned them their money. In desperation, Lang decided to break into the laboratory of Hank Pym and steal the Ant-Man Suit which he used to stage a number of heists in order to pay the money to Crossfire. His activities were discovered by Hank Pym who recruited the Heroes for Hire to help recover the suit whereupon he discovered the identity of the mysterious new Ant-Man. They later sought to help him rescue his daughter from Crossfire with Hank deciding to pass his superhero identity permanently to Scott Lang who became the new Ant-Man.
  • In Avengers Assemble, the character appeared as Ant-Man in the animated series where he was voiced by actor Grant George. In the episode "Small Time Heroes", it was shown that he operated a laboratory inside an ant hill and though it lacked the sophistication of Tony Stark's lab it contained some of the most advanced technology on the planet. He was assisted in his operations by an artificial intelligence that he called J.O.E.Y.. Under the direction of M.O.D.O.K., A.I.M. was responsible for stealing Pym Particles from Scott Lang who attempted to get them back when Iron Man, Thor and Hawkeye arrived on the scene. The three intended to recruit the aid of Ant-Man to help repair the Iron Man Armor after all Starktech was shutdown by Tony in an effort to prevent it from falling into Ultron's hands.
  • In Ant-Man, Scott Lang starred as the main character in the Disney XD animated television shorts where he was voiced by actor Josh Keaton.


  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Scott Lang made a number of appearances in the shared setting.
    • In Ant-Man, Scott Lang was the protagonist hero of the live-action movie where he was portrayed by Paul Rudd.
    • In Captain America: Civil War, Scott Lang appeared in a supporting role in the live-action movie where he was once again portrayed by actor Paul Rudd.
    • In Avengers: Endgame, Scott Lang appeared in the live-action film where he was once more portrayed by actor Paul Rudd.

Video games

  • In Marvel Heroes, the Scott Lang Ant-Man appeared in the MMORPG video game as a playable character where he was voiced by actor Grant George.
  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, the Scott Lang Ant-Man appeared as a playable character in the Facebook video game.
  • In Marvel Contest of Champions, the Scott Lang Ant-Man appeared as a playable character in the iOS video game.
  • In Marvel: Future Fight, the Scott Lang Ant-Man appeared as a playable character in the iOS video game.


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