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The Scrin are an alien species that appear in Command and Conquer.



The Scrin were a mysterious interstellar extraterrestrial civilization with ties to the substance known as Tiberium which they referred to as Ichor. For eons, they had conducted a number of intergalactic Ichor mining operations where the Scrin encountered a wide variety of hostile environments and species. A result of these encounters led to them developing specialized units among their ranks to deal with potential conflicts in the future.

A Scrin mining fleet was sent to the Sol system where it resided on the far side of Pluto with the Traveler-59 being attached to them and their being the must recent cell raised to full active duty. It was this cell that activated the far-reaching scanning technology to locate its first host planet.

The Scrin arrive at the planet Earth after detecting a massive surge in energy from the Liquid Tiberium bomb detonated on the world. Believing that the native species were killed and the Tiberium Ichor matured, they moved in to harvest the compound only to find heavy resistance from the inhabitants of the planet. To GDI, they were referred to as the Invaders whilst the Brotherhood of Nod called them the Visitors. Scrin attacked both human factions forces along with civilian targets around the world with savage force. Their largest activity was reported near Red Zone Borders and in the larger population centers. However, larger cities such as those in the Blue Zones bore the primary brunt of the Scrin forces.

At Ground Zero, they established the Alien Control Node that was a unique structure that channelled some sort of exotic Tiberium-based radiation to the Invader forces. The emissions from the Node could easily move through all forms of matter similar to neutron wave/particles with this bathing Scrin forces with the mysterious radiation. Similarly, at least nineteen Alien Towers were built in the world's worst Red Zones where they were all located at the heart of Tiberium infested landscapes.


The Supervisor.

They had also been referred to as the Aliens, Invaders and as the Visitors.

There were a number of different types of Scrin that included:

  • Shock Trooper :
  • Mastermind : an alien commando of a type with the ability to teleport that offered the Invaders a range of mobility and eliminate any advantage enemies might have over use of the terrain as they virtually made no place safe. Masterminds were capable of keeping pressure on enemy forces with a minimal number of units by making a crafty use of their stasis abilities and mind control capacity.

As a result of conflicts with native species of a host planet, the Scrin developed a number of subsects that evolved to deal with such threats during the infestation of a world. These formed specialized anti-population roles allowing them to operate in hostile environments an against such races. The Reaper sect relied on Tiberium-augmented weaponry and brute force to pacify a population of a targeted host world with them being known throughout the galaxy for unspeakable act of violence and cruelty. In contrast, the Traveler sect operated in a much more insidious approach in dealing with such foes. This saw themselves manipulate the simple minds of planetary inhabitants in order to destabilize their civilization from within. As such, this sect operated by amplifying the latent mind-control powers of their Masterminds through genetic modification and selective breeding. Enslaved populations were inducted as cultists that formed the Cult of the Traveler with new members being inducted through a complex procedure. Each of these sects had numerous sub-cells within them that were attached to various Scrin mining fleets.

Within a Scrin force, a command level ranking was that of the Foreman that had armies under their control. These officers responded to higher ranking authority members known as Supervisors who commanded their activities. Both, in turn, responded to the wishes and desires of the Overlord.


Genetic modification and selective breeding programs were used to breed superior Scrin specimens. Construction of facilities were achieved through the use of nano-assemblers.

Vehicles used by the Scrin forces included:

  • Annihilator Tripod :
  • Eradicator Hexapod :

Their interstellar craft were capable of sublight journeys with crews being kept in stasis during this time.

Gravity Stabilizers were Type 8 structures that were made to compensate for intense gravity fields generated by planetary bodies evidently allowing for their spacecraft to make short-range teleportation jumps into Earth-like planets magnetic and gravitic fields with maximum precision. Due to their role, they only were situated in well secured areas and in regions where their operations were highly focused

Upon arriving on a world, the Scrin proceeded with the construction of Threshold towers with this being the First Stage for planetary Ichor extraction. Once built, they were able to extract all Ichor within a large radius that was processed and transferred to Hub. The connection to Hub took the form of interstellar gateways that were capable of instantaneous matter transmission. The Threshold assemblies and Signal Transmitters partially phase out once construction was complete thus protecting all structures and machinery against any form of geologic upheaval, severe weather phenomena, cometary impact or any form of weaponry.

Rift Generators appeared to function by opening a portal at the flash point and ejecting anything that was caught in the resulting field into deep space giving them a destructive potential that matched that of Ion Cannons or nuclear missiles.

The species make use of advanced wormhole technology to transport troops from one location to another. They made use of interstellar portals that provided instantaneous matter transmission between two sides with the Scrin using this to extract resources.


  • In the cancelled Tiberium game, the first-person shooter was to feature Scrin enemies who began a second invasion in 2058.


  • Command and Conquer 3: "Tiberium Wars"

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