Sea of Silt

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The Sea of Silt lies to the east of the Tablelands of Athas. It is a seemingly endless plane of fine silt of unknown depth. Approximately 10-12 feet below the surface, the silt can become compacted enough to allow giants to use "sandbars" as paths, but this is impossible for shorter races, who (when they must cross the silt) must rely on ultralightweight craft known as silt skimmers to carry them across.

The silt is a very fine, sharp-edged dust that can blow for miles in the wind, and poses a serious if it gets into someone's eyes or lungs.

The city of Ur Draxa, home of Borys, the Dragon of Tyr, used to lie across the Sea of Silt in the Valley of Dust and Fire. Since the Cerulean Storm, the city has been destroyed, and the valley is now known as the Cerulean Valley.

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