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Shatterstar is a male extraterrestrial comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Arides was a male member of the Blue Kree race who was the son of the scientist Falzon and his wife Murius. Shortly after his birth, the child was deemed to hold a high level of intelligence that made him a suitable candidate to join the ranks of the Supreme Intelligence's Personal Service Corps. Despite this being the case, the boy's parents refused and resisted the efforts to confiscate the child with the Kree agents forcibly taking Arides away. The boy was then selected to take part in the Kree super-soldier program and was to be the prototype to develop this project that was being headed by Falzon and Murius due to their expertise in photometric research that was the science in converting light into energy. They were unaware that their own son had been chosen for the project and were horrified when they witnessed the test subject being their newborn offspring. Unable to refuse, the parents continued with the project where the bombarded Arides with concentrated streams of photo-mesons that led to the child being exposed to it for the next twenty years as he matured to adulthood. By this point, he had been indoctrinated and trained to follow the commands of the Supreme Intelligence whereupon he was given he designation of Shatterstar. He effortlessly passed a trial that tested his abilities that secured his future in service to the Kree empire. His mother Murius attempted to convince her husband and son to abandon the homeworld to escape to a pioneer world of Malador alongside other rebel malcontents which she believed was where they could live in peace. However, Arides grew angered at what he perceived as treason and cursed his parents that he wanted no part with them as he was the loyal agent Shatterstar who served the Supreme Intelligence. Secretly, he reported his parents actions to the overseers who dispatched enforcers to apprehend them as they attempted to flee to Malador. Falzon surrendered but his wife attempted to escape only for her to be killed by her own son Shatterstar who had murdered her in cold-blood. Afterwards, Falzon was taken for rehabilitation with his mind conditioned to become a loyal subject of the empire again but secretly the process had not worked and always remembered his wife's death at the hands of Arides. (Inhumans v1 #4)

Under orders from the Supreme Intelligence, he was dispatched to Earth in order to terminate the Kree traitor Falzon and capture the Inhumans. (Inhumans v1 #3)


Personality and attributes

He had gone through intense training and indoctrination to make him completely loyal to the commands of the Supreme Intelligence. Arides had become a cold and ruthless killing machine that was an implacable engine of destruction. (Inhumans v1 #4)

Powers and abilities

Originally, Arides was an ordinary member of the Kree race with him possessing their natural abilities. However, he was subjected to a super-soldier experiment that bombarded his body with light allowing him to manipulate it and use it to discharge energy blasts. (Inhumans v1 #4) Initially, he was armed with equipment on his battlesuit that allowed him to direct light based attacks in the spectrum from his wrist devices to devastating effects against his targets. (Inhumans v1 #3)


  • Shatterstar was created by Doug Moench and George Pérez where he made his first appearance in Inhumans v1 #3 (February, 1976).


  • Inhumans v1:

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