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Shiwan Khan was a villain of The Shadow and appears in the movie.



Shiwan Khan was the last living direct descendant of Ghenghis Khan. During his youth, he would travel Lhasa, Tibet and studied with the monks there where he became a student of Tulku. While learning to use his knowledge to help the people of Mongolia, the psychic powers he learnt gave him a lust to rule the world as the new Khan.

He would form a base of operations in a lost underground city known as Xanadu beneath Sinkiang where he had access to the treasures of Kubla Khan. His training under the Tibetan monks gave him numerous telepathic powers such as clouding the minds of men in order to appear invisible as well as control their actions.


Alternate Versions

  • In The Shadow/Batman v1 (2017), Shiwan Khan appeared as an antagonist in the alternate continuity cross over story. He was said to be one of the many children of Genghis Khan but he found Sham-La where he was trained in their ways to cloud the minds of others. Shiwan became a foe of the Shadow but operated secretly where he joined forces with Ra's al Ghul with the pair forming the Silent Seven which manipulated the world. He used his powers to create followers that were known as the Dead Men who did their masters bidding.

In other media


  • In The Shadow, Shiwan Khan appeared as the antagonist in the 1994 live-action film where he was portrayed by actor John Lone. He was a man that was a descendant of Ghenghis Khan and became a student of the Tulku alongside Lamont Cranston until Shiwan became a rogue protégé who sought to conquer the world. After leaving his masters service, he went into the criminal underworld and used his newly acquired powers to build an empire for himself. Khan was smuggled into the United States of America in the time after World War I where he abducted Reinhardt who was the father of Margo Lane. Reinhardt was a scientist which Shiwan wanted to use to transform a cache of bronzium into an atomic bomb for his use. The Shadow confronted Khan at his base in the Monolith Hotel that Shiwan had rendered invisible with his powers but during his battle with Cranston who had to focus his powers thus removing the mind control he had on Reinhardt along with the illusion over the building. In the battle, the Shadow defeated Khan by telekinetically hurling a shard of mirror into the frontal lobe of Shiwan's skull. When Shiwan awakened, he discovered that he was in a padded cell and that he had lost his powers after the doctor who was an ally of the Shadow had removed a portion of Khan's brain that he claimed no one used which was where his powers originated from thus defeating him.


  • The Shadow:

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