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Sho Fukamachi is a male character that features in Guyver.



Sho Fukamachi(深町 晶 Fukamachi Shō) was a human who was born in the modern age where he lived in Japan as the son of Fumio Fukamachi (深町 史雄 Fukamachi Fumio).

One day, he and Tetsuo went to Lake Narusawa which was an old spot from their childhood where they often spent time together. Whilst there, they heard an explosion when a mysterious object landed near them with the pair investigating. As Tetsuo examined it, a trigger was sent and the device fell in the arm of Sho whereupon it activated thus encasing him in its substance. In a panic, he stumbled into the lake as the organism bonded to him and turned him into the Guyver. He then emerged from the waters where he found Tetsuo confronted by Gregoyle Zoanoid with him helping defeating the monster. The confused Sho came to see that he had been transformed into an inhuman being and he screamed in despair which was when the armour unequipped from him turning him back to normal.


Personality and attributes

According to Agito, his emotional makeup showed that he had a strong attachment to daily life where he wanted a peaceful existence alongside friends and family. This was described as being a very human characteristic with him fighting for this everyday life that people tended to take for granted.

Powers and abilities

Originally, Fukamachi was an ordinary human who was in high school with no special training. After his encounter with the Guyver Unit, he came to be a host to the bio-booster armour and organism giving him superhuman abilities. Upon being bonded to the Guyver, the organism came to reside in his body where he could equip or unequip it at will with him shouting the word Guyver for it to encase his body.


  • Sho Fukamachi was created by Yoshiki Takaya where he featured in the setting of Bio Booster Armor Guyver.
  • The character was adapted for the live-action films as Sean Baker.


  • Guyver:

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