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Sisters of Sin in Captain America v1 #295.

The Sisters of Sin are a supervillain team that features in Marvel Comics.



The Sisters of Sin were a team of minions that were in the service of Sin.

After allying with Helmut Zemo's Hydra High sect, Sinthea and the Sisters of Sin worked with him in his plan to sterilise most of the human race with the exception of loyal Hydra members. They were opposed in their operations by the new Captain America namely Sam Wilson. To defeat him, Shmidt had the Sisters sent to track down Wilson's siblings and family where they were put in the sights of snipers. Through them, she forced Wilson seemingly to kill himself by jumping off a ledge without his wings in an effort to discredit the name of Captain America. With him seemingly dead, Sin then called off the Sisters attacks at which point Wilson revealed that he had been saved by Redwing with him simply waiting for the assassins to be called off before attacking Shmidt. (All-New Captain America v1 #3)



  • Sin :
  • Mother Night :
  • Sister Agony :
  • Sister Death :
  • Sister Dream :
  • Sister Pleasure :


  • The Sisters of Sin were created by J. M. DeMatteis and Paul Neary where they made their first appearance in Captain America v1 #294 (June, 1984).


  • Captain America v1: (1984)
  • All-New Captain America v1:

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