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Snipe was one of Dr. Zin's failed clones. Unlike the other, genetically unstable and essentially mindless clones, Snipe was intelligent and capable of speech. As a result, Zin made Snipe his trusted bodyguard. Like the other failed clones, Snipe wore night-vision goggles over his eyes (although his had red lenses unlike the green ones worn by the other clones) and also wore a uniform. Snipe did not appear to suffer from the genetic flaw that made the other clones eventually disintegrate.

When Zin caught up to the Quests and Dr. Devlon in Venice, Snipe took Dr. Quest, Jade, Jonny, Hadji and Jessie down into the catacombs at gunpoint, intending to kill them. Hadji attempted to use the jewel from his turban to hypnotize Snipe into letting them go, but Snipe was unaffected. Instead, Hadji used his magic to manipulate the corpses of the dead, making them "come alive" and "attack" Snipe. With Snipe thus distracted, the Quests were able to escape. Snipe's fate after this is unknown.

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