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Solomon is an organization that features in Witch Hunter Robin.




Solomon was an organization that worked secretly to hunt down Witches. They would do this through the use of teams of hunters or Witch Hunters that were individuals that possessed the power of a Witch but did so for the use of the organization. This meant that they used their near supernatural abilities to destroy those witches or potential witches that would go out of control.

The Solomon genetic research team was one body within the organization that worked at better understanding the threat they were facing. They successfully mapped the Human genome years before it was publically announced, however, did not feel the need to submit their findings.

High ranking members of the organization are given the title of Inquisitors who begin the Inquisition of the Witch in order to determine if a potential Witch can become a Hunter. Theirs methods range from scientific equipment to simple questions that determine whether the Witch can become an asset to the organization. Their methods of deduction are far different from the STN and date back to the middle ages. Some of the Inquisitors seem to be knowledgeable in the ways and symbols of the Craft and sometimes pass this Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge to the Witch Hunter as was the case with Robin.

The STN-J was the Japanese branch of Solomon that secretly worked to handle the threat of witches. It had links to the police who forwarded any suspicious cases to the STN-J as well as access to a witch database from Solomon that detailed the lineage of people and determine potential witches in society.

At first, they followed the standard procedures as Solomon in Europe, however, it began to change in the manner of dealing with the threat. One such way of defending against the threat of witches was the use of Orbo, a compound that weakened the witches power and abilities. In addition to this, destruction of the witch was only done so as a last resort with capture being a high priority. These captive witches would then be shipped off to a secret facility in Japan known as The Factory where they were kept alive.


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