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The emblem of the Spacing Guild from Emperor: Battle for Dune.

The Spacing Guild is an organization that features in Dune.



Both the Spacing Guild and the Bene Gesserit were surviving schools that trained human talent in the wake of the Great Revolt.

House Atreides under the leadership of Duke Leto Atreides took their forces to a Guild Heighliner for transportation to Arrakis whose stewardship was given to them. The Guild deposited them at Arrakeen instead of the Harkonen settlement of Carthag.


The Spacing Guild in the original Dune movie.

It was said that the Spacing Guild school of thought emphasized the use of pure mathematics. They would have complete monopoly over interstellar transport and placed a dreadfully high price on satellite control. Members of the Guild did not hold any religious views but were instead atheists who only promoted religion among the rest of humanity as this provided a stable societal order from which they could profit.

Within the Guild, there were a number of roles that included the Chief Administrator, the administrator staff, Navigator attendants, the Guild ambassadors and the technical support staff.


Members of the Guild in the Dune mini-series.
  • Edric :
  • Edrik :


  • The Spacing Guild featured in the setting of Dune where they were created by Frank Herbert.

In other media

Video games

  • In Emperor: Battle for Dune, the Spacing Guild featured in the story campaign and were a sub-faction that could be played among the three player factions.


  • Dune:

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