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The Special Research Projects Administration is an organization that features in the Resistance series.



The Special Research Projects Administration (SRPA) was an organization formed in the United States of America in the 1970's following the global invasion of the Chimera. At some point, the SRPA built an installation in Iceland where survivors of Project Abraham underwent mandatory testing.

As the war with the Chimera progressed, the SRPA was responsible for the development of the Sentinels who were Human supersoldiers that were exposed to the Chimera virus but without them turning into Chimera themselves.


The purpose of the SPRA was to find a means of combating the threat posed by the Chimera. This ranged from creating a vaccine against the Chimera infection to creating weapons that were capable of harming them.

Standard protocol required SRPA to conduct mandatory testing of Project: Abraham survivors before they were allowed on the mainland.

One position within the organizaion was being Director of Advanced Tactical Ops.

Creations of the SRPA included:

  • MP-47 Pulse Cannon : an infantry weapon seemed the only armament capable of taking down a Chimeran Kraken.

The agency operated a number of facilities that included:

  •  :


  • Fyodor Malikov :
  • Richard Blake : male Director of Advanced Tactical Ops.


  • Resistance 2:

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