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The Spencer Mansion was a vast mansion which sat isolated and concealed in the heavily-forested Arklay Mountains just outside of Raccoon City. Named for Umbrella co-founder Ozwell E. Spencer, it was reputedly built by legendary architect George Trevor. Supposedly an abandoned and incompleted vacational resort for Umbrella executives, the estate was actually the site of one of Umbrella's many secret bioweapons research laboratories.

The facility was doomed when an outbreak of the T-Virus caused by a resurrected James Marcus resulted in all of the resident researchers, security guards and other personnel to be turned into zombies. The Spencer Mansion was stumbled upon by the STARS Bravo Team (all of whom save Rebecca Chambers were killed) and later by the Alpha Team. It was destroyed shortly thereafter, when the treacherous Albert Wesker activated the lab's self-destruct mechanism to destroy all the evidence of Umbrella's experiments.

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