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Albert Wesker.

Albert Wesker is a male video character that features in Resident Evil.




Albert Wesker (アルバート・ウェスカー Arubāto Wesukā?) was a blonde haired male who was born in the modern age. He was specifically created as part of the Wesker Plan that was an attempt to breed a new superior human race that would lead utopia according to the vision of Ozwell E. Spencer. This plan involved the collection of hundreds of children born from parents with superior intellects and of any nationality. All were given the surname Wesker and were manipulated or indoctrinated in carefully controlled environments around the world where they were under the watchful eyes of the Umbrella Corporation. The children were unaware that they were being monitored and received aid along with the best education that could be afford to them. Albert Wesker was among those children in Project W where he was designated as test subject No. 013 who showed particular promise leading to him being send to the Umbrella Training Facility in Raccoon City. Spencer was quite pleased with Albert's actions and believed that he was a template for the other children in the project. Thus, Albert went through the next stage in the program which was being administered an experimental virus that was designed to screen out the more gifted children. In 1977, the 17 year old Wesker was assigned to work as a prospective manager under Dr. James Marcus where he met fellow trainee William Birkin with the two becoming colleagues ad accomplices in various operations. The pair were regarded as Marcus's best employees and the only people he truly trusted. When the training facility was shutdown in 1978, Wesker and Birkin were transferred to the Arklay Laboratory at the Spencer Mansion located on the outskirts of Raccoon City where he became a chief researcher at the site. Whilst at the laboratory, he was involved in the research of the Ebola Virus that had been discovered and intended to use its impressive death-rate in conjunction with the experimental T-Virus being developed at the facility. Around this time, his partner William Birkin offered him the experimental virus with Albert administering it himself where he turned out to be among the few surviving Wesker children as many had died in the testing phase. Albert disappeared shortly thereafter but this was not a concern as a failsafe was included whereby all the Wesker children did not know Spencer's location and had all the children of the project had it programmed in them to seek him out. As a result, Albert Wesker later sought out the reason for the extensive funding into Bio-Organic Weapon's leading to him joining the Information Department of the Umbrella Corporation. At some point, he encountered and Eastern European woman that had immigrated to America with the two having a relationship though Albert later abandoned her. She returned back to her home in Edonia but she was pregnant with Albert's child and had had never told him that he had a son who was born as Jake Muller.

Wesker later spent the next few years as a commissioned officer in the United States Army. By 1996, he came to join the newly founded STARS division of the Raccoon City Police Department though he actually was a double agent working for the interests of Umbrella. Thus, he provided the company any information from police investigations in order to ensure that the corporation escaped discovery of any of its experiments. Around this time, he came to note he capabilities of a STARS recruit by the name of Chris Redfield.

Mansion Incident

Leader of the Alpha Team and overall commander of STARS itself, Albert Wesker was an enigma. Rarely removing his sunglasses, Wesker hardly ever spoke to any of his teammates outside of Barry Burton. When the STARS were sent to investigate the murders of several people in the Arklay Mountains, Wesker disappeared from the group following an attack by MA-39 Cerberus and the discovery of the isolated Spencer Estate. By the time he finally turned up again, it was revealed that he was a traitor to the STARS and secretly working for the company who owned the mansion, Umbrella, Inc.

Wesker had been paid by Umbrella to ensure that the evidence of their scientists' experiments within the Spencer Estate facility would be destroyed, and that entailed getting rid of the two investigating STARS teams as well. To that end, Wesker sabotaged Bravo Team's helicopter and caused them to crash, thereby ensuring the deaths of Ed Dewey, Kevin Dooley, Kenneth J. Sullivan, and Forest Speyer. Enrico Marini, Richard Aiken, and Rebecca Chambers were all still alive by the time Alpha Team finally arrived.

Wesker disposed of Enrico himself when the Bravos' leader figured out that he was the traitor, shooting him in the head from the shadows before Enrico could warn the others. In the meantime, Wesker had made it down to the Spencer Estate's underground labs and had a look at the T-Virus research that had been conducted there. Impressed, he decided to betray Umbrella and steal their scientists' research for himself, but first he had to dispose of his remaining teammates, including Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. To this end, he unleashed the Tyrant from its stasis tank and sicced it on them. Unfortunately for Wesker, the Tyrant wasn't in the mood to take orders.


Eventually, Wesker's search led him to the Spencer Estate where he found the founder of the Umbrella Corporation; Ozwell E. Spencer. He found the old man man and learnt that Spencer was responsible for a plot to create a new master race of Humans through genetic engineering and thus elevate himself to godhood through the use of the Wesker children with only Albert being the last survivor of that bloodline. However, the plan failed due to the Racoon City Incident and his dreams began to fall apart. Hearing this, Wesker then murdered Spencer by punching through his crippled old body and stated he would take that right to become a god. After he completed this, he discovered his old comrades Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine who had tracked him to the estate. Easily fighting the two, his enhanced abilities meant that they were quickly defeated. Ready to bring the killing blow, Wester was tackled by Jill Valentine and the two plummeted out the window seemingly to their deaths. The Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance later investigated the incident and discovered no bodies leading them to conclude both had died.

However, Wesker had survived along with Jill Valentine. Forming a partnership with Tricell Pharmaceutical Company leader Excella Gionne to create a new virus that would bring about the birth of the master race. Thus began the Uroborus Project which bred a unique parasite that would bond to human hosts and determine the chosen who were worthy for the evolution of the race. He was also responsible for brainwashing Jill Valentine and turned her into a servant that did his tasks for him such as protecting Excella. Establishing a base of operations in Africa, he began to breed the virus with the intention of loading it into a bomber to high altitude whereupon it would be dispersed throughout the Earth and bring about Wesker's plan.

Ultimately, Albert's plans were thwarted by Chris Redfield and his partner Sheva Alomar who infiltrated his base with the intention of stopping his concept of forced evolution of the human race. Entering the bomber, they managed to cause it to crash into a nearby volcano. Angered, Wesker punctured one of the missile casing and bonded with the virus becoming a monstrous being devoted to getting revenge on Chris and his partner. During the confusion of the battle, Wesker did not notice the active volcano bubbling lava to the surface which consumed his lower body. Seeing Redfield and his partner escape onto a helicopter. Wesker sent a tentacle to bring them both down so they would die with him but Chris and Sheva fired a rocket launcher at him which ended the threat Albert Wesker posed to the world.


Personality and attributes

After learning of Spencer's original intention, Wesker was determined to become a god and claimed that right from the founder of Umbrella by killing him. He claimed that Humans often brought themselves to the brink of self destruction and what he was doing was not destroying them but saving them by bringing about a new master race through the Uroburos virus with himself elevated to the status of a deity.

It was noted that Albert cared little for his business partners and had no attachment to them; his only concern was for himself and his plans.

Powers and abilities

His one weakness was the fact that the virus that repaired his body and gave him his enhanced abilities was unstable which required him to take regular doses of a special serum to keep his body under control. However, the serum required precision doses and excessive amounts worked as if it were a poison on him. This resulted in pain and a diminishment in his capabilities.


As with so many characters in the Resident Evil series, a lot of things could happen to Wesker depending on what the player did throughout the game. He could either die when the Tyrant turned on him and impaled him on its claws, or he could've escaped the main lab only to be jumped by a Chimera while setting the entire mansion to self-destruct.

The fact that he so obviously was killed either way made it extremely jarring when Capcom brought him back for their fourth game, Resident Evil: Code Veronica. As of the events in Code Veronica, Wesker was obviously no longer entirely human, sporting slitted reptilian pupils and enhanced physical strength, but this still did not explain how he survived the events of the first game. In an effort to solve this problem, Capcom released a video called Wesker's Report, which, among other things, detailed Wesker's history with Umbrella and explained away his survival by saying he was given a special virus by Dr. William Birkin that put him into a deathlike state for a time after being whacked by the Tyrant and/or Chimera.

He later reppears in Resident Evil 4, wherein it is revealed he wishes to obtain a sample of Las Plagas in order to restart Umbrella which had recently become defunct after its experiments were exposed to the public. He used Ada Wong to do his bidding.

Capcom remade the original Resident Evil, and, in Jill's best ending, Wesker actually escapes at the end rather than dying as his body is nowhere to be found in the Power Generator room, which solves the problem begun by Code Veronica but renders much of Wesker's Report somewhat inaccurate. The other endings still has Wesker being impaled by the Tyrant though.

Wesker of the novels and comics is almost identical to the Wesker of the games.

In other media


  • In Resident Evil: Extinction, Chairman Wesker made his first appearance in the movie coninuity where he was portrayed by actor Jason O'Mara. He was the overall head of the Umbrella Corporation, distinguishable by his dark glasses and neatly-pressed suits. After the fall of civilization due to the T-Virus plague, Wesker and the other members of Umbrella's board of directors sought refuge in underground bases, communicating with one another via holographic transmissions. Wesker himself hid on Tokyo, Japan, where he command Dr. Isaacs to try and domesticate the zombies. Instead, Isaacs disobeyed and carried on with Project Alice without Wesker's permission. Following Issacs' mutation and subsequent death at the hands of Alice, Wesker decided to officially revive the Project, but was interrupted by a holographic transmission from Alice herself, promising that she was coming for him and his fellow Umbrella lackeys.

Video games

  • In Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, Albert Wesker appeared as a playable character in the crossover fighting video game.



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