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The Superman Museum is a place that features in DC Comics.



The Superman Museum was a structure built in Metropolis by Stefan Andriessen who was a famous explorer. During one adventure, one of his valuable treasures was saved by Superman with Andriessen deciding that his next endeavour would be gathering all trophies and memorabilia that were to placed at a museum dedicated to the Man of Steel. (Action Comics v1 #164)

In the 35th century, Jarl Xanthro was the proprietor of the Superman Museum whose business was being hurt by a rival museum that was operated by a descendant of Lex Luthor. (Superboy v1 #120)


One section in the Museum was the Hall of Kryptonite that contained wax replicas of the various kinds of Kryptonite. (Action Comics v1 #286)


  • Joseph Meach :
  • Joe Meach : a male who wanted to be a famous high-diver but failed where one of his attempts nearly killed him but he was saved by Superman who offered him a job as a caretaker at the Superman Museum. However, he came to blame the Man of Steel for his failures and became the supervillain Composite Superman. (World’s Finest v1 #142)
  • Jarl Xanthro : male resident of the 35th century who was the proprietor of the museum. (Superboy v1 #120)


  • The Superman Museum was created by William Woolfolk and Wayne Boring where it made its first appearance in Action Comics v1 #164 (January, 1952).

In other media


  • In Legion of Super-Heroes, a museum celebrating the accomplishments of Superman was shown to exist by the 31st century in the pilot episode "Man of Tomorrow". A young Clark Kent was brought into the future by the Legion of Super-Heroes where he became aware of his heroic destiny but was overwhelmed by this information. When the Legion was overwhelmed by the Fatal Five, Clark Kent made his way to the museum to a acquire the Superman costume to battle the supervillains and save his friends. The museum was never referred to as the Superman Museum in the episode. In "Phantoms", it was shown that the young Superman kept visiting the museum as he sought answers to his past and future. This led to him inadvertently activating the Phantom Zone Projector that was in an exhibit and accidently releasing Drax. Drax was responsible for causing heavy damage to the museum and its contents as he sought to get revenge on Superman. It was named the Superman Museum in the episode "In the Beginning" where it was shown that a young Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl became friends whilst agreeing to become superheroes of the 31st century.


  • In JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time, a museum featured in the animated movie that was shown to exist by the 31st century. It was shown to celebrate the accomplishments of Supermanent and detailed his past accomplishments with tge Justice League. Within its halls were holographic records of Superman along with various relics such as items from the various members of the Legion of Doom along with the Eternity Glass that held the captive Time Trapper. A frozen Lex Luthor was on display in the museum when he was accidently set free whereupon he used the Eternity Glass to travel back to his time 1,000 years ago. The structure was never referred to as the Superman Museum in the animated movie.


  • Action Comics v1:

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