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Symbion is a planet that features in Sectaurs.



Symbion was a world where an advanced human civilization developed that began genetic experiments that spiralled out of control. The results was a rapid change in evolution on the planet leading to the rise of the Sectaurs that were an insect-based race whilst insectoids along with giant arthropods dominated the ecosystem. During this time, a civilization arose known as the Ancients that achieved great feats before disappearing though relics of their accomplishments resided at the Hyve. During the rise of the Sectaurs, their world became divided between the kingdom of the Shining Realm and the marauding forces from the Dark Domain.


It was described as a perfect world until their biological experiments exploded out of control creating an exotic realm beyond all belief as mutant life forms ravaged the global paradise.

Locations on the world included:

  • Lake of Blood : a great red sea from which few returned with it being a perilous journey to pass through here on ship.
  • Isle of the Webbed Widow : located on the Lake of Blood with a webbed structure where the Webbed Widow residing who used her siren song bringing other Sectaurs to their doom where she devoured them.
  • Sea of Acid Rain : located on the path to the Hyve with the waters here dissolving anything over a period of time.
  • Slave City : a notable city near the Sea of Acid Rain where slavers took their captives and sold them in the markets.
  • Valley of Stone : an isolated area with a village present and only a single way out.
  • Quicksand Swamp : an area in the Valley of Stone with fast acting quicksand that caused anyone to sink to the bottom unless they wore special bags that kept them afloat.
  • Forest of Mist : a region within the Valley of Stone filled with trees and mist.
  • Acid Desert : a harsh desert whose heat and acid fumes made it a perilous journey with dehydration being a key concern with flight being difficult. An underground lake was situated that was accessed through holes on the surface with Tyranna Beetles native to this area that consumed any prey.
  • Mud Towers : location in the Acid Desert that was home to the Laser Bugs.
  • Kornap : a fortress that was razed by the Laser Bugs with Pinsor being the only survivor.
  • Mount Sectaur : a large mountain located by the Acid Desert that was home to the Medicine Beetle. Its Northern Cliffs were a cold area that was filled with danger as the rocks tended to give way and lead to an avalanche.
  • Citadel of Shadows : a region bordering the Acid Desert where resided the Shadow Master.
  • Forbidden Zone : a place filled with horror said to be an endless nightmare where nearly none had returned from with this being a path to the Hyve with the border to that land consisting of a wall of thorns.
  • Hyve : home to the Ancients that contained all their knowledge with its existence being known on a few maps.

It was divided between two areas with one being the Shining Realm and the other the Dark Domain. Those native to the Dark Domain were able to see in the dark.

One of the native life forms were the Insectoids that were giant, mutated insects and arachnids that cohabited with the Sectaurs. They typically served as allies, pets or as steeds with them coming in various sizes. If separated from their master, an Insectoid reacted with distress and hostility as they sought to be re-united with their master. In such situations, they relied on their telebond in order to seek them out and be re-united with them. Telebonded Insectoids were able to feel the pain of their Sectaur master. Special chemicals were capable of dampening a telebond preventing a Sectaur from mentally communicate with their Insectoid.

Other organisms on this world included:

  • Tunnel Worms : these large green skinned worms burrowed underground and could be goaded into making passageways with them sometimes emerging onto the surface before returning to beneath the soil.
  • Giant Wasps : large brown skinned wasps whose carapace resembled rock formations allowing it to hide among the background with it possessing a deadly stinger and using its wings to blow back prey into its nest. Once trapped inside the honeycombed hive, the larvae inside emerged in order to feast on any prey that was trapped inside. The honeycombed structure also contained some cells filled with a yellow liquid.
  • Serpentoid : a large green skinned bipedal reptilian with two heads which could breath fire, had multiple eyes and a tail with two clawed arms.
  • Culderax : a centipede-like beast that lived in burrows and had a long tail that was drawn out when prey was nearby.
  • Viper Vines : carnivorous plant vines with razor sharp teeth that attempted to entangle prey and were venomous.
  • Tyranna Beetle : large carnivorous beetles native to the lakes underneath the Acid Desert with these being highly protective of their young with them being grateful to those that save their offspring.
  • Arbolites : large two legged tree creatures with four arms that were regarded as myth who were native to the Forbidden Zone with them being scared of fire.

Slavery was a practice that was conducted in certain cities with slavers seeking out people to capture in order to sell them into service. One group that resided in the Acid Desert were the winged green skinned Laser Bugs that were able to fire energy blasts from their hands and operated as bandits in the region. They were the only ones who knew the layout of the desert and were able to fly in its harsh conditions with them being ruthless pirates.


  • Devora :
  • Spidrax :
  • Skulk :
  • Dargon : blonde haired Prince of the Shining Realm and foe to General Spidrax.
  • Mantor :
  • Pinsor :
  • Borja : green skinned male slaver who operated from Slave City and operated a living ship that prowled the Sea of Acid for slaves that were later sold.
  • Ranko :
  • Crawla : male green skinned winged leader of the Laser Bugs who operated as the bandits of the Acid Desert.
  • Webbed Widow : a four armed arachnid female who resided on the Isle of the Webbed Widow where she used her siren music from her.
  • Medicine Beetle : a black haired female shaman who resided on Mount Sectaur that was able to treat poisons and venoms.
  • Shadow Master : a green skinned caterpillar-like Sectaur that resided at the Citadel of Shadows who had the power to manipulate shadows to shields others or create constructs of shadows.


  • Symbion served as the primary setting for the Sectaurs universe.


  • Sectaurs:

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