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Synthetics are robots that feature in the Alien universe.



Synthetics was the term given to humanoid robotic machines created on Earth by the 21st century. Weyland Corp was among the developers of more humanoid series such as the David 8 series. Peter Weyland of Weyland Industries had one such android accompany him on-board the Prometheus that looked to find a world that belonged to a mysterious alien race. (Prometheus) It became common practice among Human vessels with a Synthetic always stationed onboard to provide support. (Aliens) By 2104, the Walter-series had been created that had replaced the David 8 model. One such synthetic was part of the crew of the Covenant that was part of a colonization mission to Origae-6. (Alien: Covenant) Many years later, a commercial space tug called the Nostromo secretly had a Synthetic that was part of the crew with this being Ash. (Alien)

At some point, a second generation of Synthetics was designed referred to as Autons. These were made by other androids with the intention of revitalising the Synthetic industry but the machines were too independent minded and did not like being given orders. As a result, they buried the industry with the government forced to make a recall of the machines though it was rumoured that a number managed to escape and go rogue. (Alien: Resurrection)


In appearance, a Synthetic was human in appearance and almost indistinguishable from a living being. (Alien)

Hyperdyne Systems 120-A-2 were an older model that were considered partly faulty that could suffer from glitches. These faults were corrected in future generation of Synthetics with these being equipped with behavioral inhibitors that made it impossible for them to harm or by inaction allow for a human being to be harmed. (Aliens) By the 24th century, a more advanced model of Synthetic known as the Autons were created though these were very independent minded and refused to take orders. (Alien: Resurrection)


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In other media

Video games

  • In Alien versus Predator, Synthetics appeared in the setting of the 2010 video game.
  • In Alien: Isolation, Synthetics appeared in the setting of the video game. One of the models of Synthetics shown was the Working Joe developed by the Seegson Corporation.



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