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Quicksilver exposed to the Terrigen Mist in Son of M v1 #2.

The Terrigen Mists are a substance that featured in Marvel Comics.



Terrigen Crystals in Uncanny Inhumans v1 #20.

Terrigen was a crystal that had mutagenic properties in those races that were known as the Inhumans. It was a catalyst with the other branches of the Universal Inhumans having created similar processes that resulted in the activation of their abilities. This led to them respectively created Isogen for Isogenesis, Amphogen for Amphogenesis, Antigen for Antigenesis and Exogen for Exogenesis. (Fantastic Four v1 #577) These were all attempts at recreating the original first catalyst known as Primagen that was a prima materia used by the ancient Progenitors. (Royals v1 #5) According to the Kree, the Terrigen Mist was not purely an Inhuman invention but something planned by the alien race who knew that their creations would create it in the future. (Inhumans v3 #2) It was an attempt at re-creating the pure first catalyst that was Primagen that was the prima materia which created the Kree race. (Royals v1 #5) The geneticist Randac was said to had isolated this catalyst around 25,000 years ago. (Son of M v1 #2) It was Agon the Chief Geneticist of Attilan who developed the transformative process that imparted supranormal abilities on their king with King Randac being the first to undergo the procedure. (Inhumans v1 #1) A thousand years ago, a small tribe of Mayans were forced to flee deeper into the forests by their rivals. They found shelter but in a place with poor hunting prospects though they came upon an isolated spring in the mountains. Upon drinking from it, most of the tribe collapsed with some dying and others remaining in a coma-like state or days. Unknown to them, they had drunk waters contaminated by a subterranean pocket of Terrigen crystals. Exposure to the contaminated water imparted on the surviving Mayan's superhuman abilities beginning with telepathy with this perceived as a gift from the gods. The Supermaya then eliminated their former rivals and developed their society where over the generations they became the basis of the Mayan gods who gained strength through sacrifice of others. (Hulk v2 #56)

Doctor Doom was responsible for stealing the Sacred Helix of Randac as part of his machinations to empower himself with cosmic abilities. (Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine v1 #5)

A Kree strike team struck at Attilan itself where they sought to steal the Terrigen Mist that was the source of the Inhuman's power. (Inhumans: The Great Refuge v1 #1) The Lunatic Legion attacked Attilan in order to recover a sample of the mutagenic Terrigen Mists. This was in accordance with Admiral Galen-Kor’s plans as he had been conducting experiments on humans to transform them into new Kree. He intended to use an experimental power source in conjunction with the mists to turn normal humans into a race of Neo-Kree with superpowered beings perishing in the process. Initially, the experiments failed which was why he kidnapped Carol Danvers to use her as a foundation for the metamorphosis. Quicksilver arrived on the scene to free Danvers where he had Lockjaw recover the Terrigen and depart the Kree facility thus thwarting their plans. (Quicksilver v1 #10)

A depowered Quicksilver would steal the crystals and use them on himself that returned to him his powers whereupon he sought to use them on other former Mutants at Genosha. These created unstable temporary mutations in those affected and the Inhuman Royal Family would arrive at Genosha to reclaim their crystals that were considered cultural artifacts. During the engagement, Pietro was engaged by soldiers from the Office of National Emergency forcing him to flee but he was forced to leave the Terrigen Crystals behind. O*N*E would confiscate the crystals and refuse to return them to the Inhumans claiming that they were too dangerous for use. As a result, King Black Bolt of the Inhumans would declare a state of cold war hostilities with the United States government who retained possession of the stolen Terrigen Crystals. (Son of M v1 #6)

King Black Bolt had Maximus create a new Terrigen Bomb that was detonated when Thanos struck at Attilan. This dispersed a large Terrigen Cloud around the world where it began activating the genes of the Inhuman descendants that were among the human population around the world. This resulted in the creation of numerous new Inhumans around the planet. (Infinity v1 #4) During this time, the Ennilux Corporation created an Antigen that could temporarily reverse the effects of Terrigenesis. (Uncanny Inhumans v1 #7) Bruce Banner attempted to create an anti-mutation bomb using temporal manipulation but the Terrigen was immune to these efforts. During this time, one of Banner's assistants named Dr. Randall Jessup was exposed to the mists thus activating his dormant genes and turning him into a monstrous active Inhuman.(Indestructible Hulk v1 #18) The worldwide mists had an effect on Mutants as it resulted in the creation of the M-Pox causing their kinds powers to go out of control and create sterility. As a result, Mutants became an endangered race due to the Terrigen Mists. (Extraordinary X-Men v1 #1)

With the destruction of the Terrigen Cloud, the fate of the Inhumans on Earth was placed into jeopardy until the Kree Noh-Varr revealed the existence of the first catalyst to them with this being the prima materia. This led to members of the Royal Family embarking on an odyssey into space to finding the Primagen. (Royals v1 #1)


Terrigenesis Cocoon in Inhumanity: The Awakening v1 #1.

Terrigen warped biology and broke physics. (Royals v1 #2) It was described as being a DNA altering drug. (Son of M v1 #5) These genetic manipulators had the power of recreating the Inhumans. (Thing v1 #3) This incredibly rare mineral existed in crystal form but once exposed to the correct temperature and water di it produce vapors known as the Mists of Terrigen. For Terrigenesis, the mists were pumped into flux chambers as part of the ritual rite of transformation for Inhumans. Normally, the crystals themselves were kept in a sealed cavern below the surface of Attilan where they were constantly exposed to water and heat. (Son of M v1 #2) Its very existence blurs the lines between science, magic and religion. (Royals v1 #2) Terrigen was said to possess a different rate of radioactive decay compared to other substances. (Indestructible Hulk v1 #18)

By long tradition, the Mists were used only on deserving Inhumans to bestow them with great powers. (Inhumans v1 #1) Such was their importance to their civilization that they were seen as cultural artifacts. (Son of M v1 #6)

Critical to the functioning of the Terrigen Chambers was the Sacred Helix of Randac that was a tablet shaped device that rested on a pedestal. It provided an endless wellspring of bio-energy that was needed in order to power the Terrigenesis process. (Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine v1 #5) One device created that was able to neutralise the effects of the mists was the Agon-Sequencer. This device was also used to track the Helix of Randac. (Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine v1 #8)

Typically, Inhumans were exposed to controlled and regulated Terrigenesis within Terrigenesis Chambers. However, outside in the open, Inhumans went through Wild Terrigenesis where they formed cocoons around their bodies as they went through their transformation. (Inhumanity v1 #1)

A variation of the substance was Xerogen that had striking similarities to Terrigan radiation but was markedly different. It was said to be a gift from the Kree to the Inhumans forebears to be used as a means of protecting themselves from the more numerous humans on Earth. Xerogen altered humans on a molecular level where it reshaped their bodies and downgraded them in the evolutionary leader with it thus having the opposite effect of Terrigen exposure. The Inhumans ancestors had encoded a pattern within its structure that was of their own making as Xerogenesis took effect to turn humans into Alpha-Primitives. (Mighty Avengers v1 #29)

An Antigen was created that could temporarily reverse the effects of Terrigenesis in an Inhuman. (Uncanny Inhumans v1 #7)


  • In an interview on Newarama, writer Al Ewing commented, "Primagen is a purer form of Terrigen - it supercharges people who interact with it, grants them a measure of longevity and enhances their powers in occasionally unexpected ways. In their own book, the Royals stole it from the Progenitors - vast space entities who created the Kree in the same way the Kree made the Inhumans - and now the Progenitors are coming for them because of it."

Alternate Versions

  • In Marvel Boy v2 #6 (January, 2001), Earth-200080 saw an alternate version of the Kree civilization whose homeworld experienced Terrigen Rains that irrigated its surface and imparted on its population fabulous mutations that enriched their genetic core.
  • In Savage She-Hulk v2 #2 (2009), an alternate world was shown to possess Terrigen with this being part of a post-apocalyptic 23rd century on an alternate planet designated as Earth-8009. By this time, the spread of superpowers became common with this being offered to average citizens through the Origins Unlimited corporation that provided the abilities of any superpowered being. One of their products was the Terrigen SurprisePack that offered the user a completely random superpower.

In other media


The Diviner in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • The Fantastic Four, the Terrigen Mists was referenced in the animated television series in the adaptation of the comic storyline was introduced in the three part Inhuman Saga. The Seeker tells the Fantastic Four about the origin of his people and their discovery of the Terrigen Mist that imparted them their great powers. This same mist was said to be toxic to humans but was a necessary component for the Inhuman culture. Maximus the Mad after usurping Attilan from his brother Black Bolt created the Atmo-Gun with the intention of spreading the Terrigen Mist around the world in order to bring about an age of Inhuman dominance of Earth. His plan was thwarted by the Fantastic Four and the Inhuman Royal Family when Black Bolt regained the throne.
  • In Guardians of the Galaxy, Terrigen crystals made an appearance in the animated series in the episode "Crystal Blue Persuasion". The crystal were discovered by the Inhumans beneath Attilan after they were abandoned by their Kree creators. Exposure to the crystals gave the Inhumans super-human powers and they made a powerful civilization. However, the crystals also led to them suffering from the Terrigen plague that coated their bodies in crystals. The Alpha Primitives in indestructible crystal whilst the Inhumans themselves were slowly dying. Searching for a cure, the Inhumans left Earth in their city of Attilan for space as they sought the Kree. Terrigen crystals were shown to be influenced by Cosmic Seed energy.
  • In Avengers Assemble, Terrigen crystals and the mist appeared in the animated series season 3 episode "Inhumans Among Us". The crystals were used to create the mist that allowed for the transformation of a person with Inhuman genes to become an Inhuman. The Seeker had secretly contaminated a crystal that he released into the world where it created a mist that began turning new Inhumans into active state with their powers. Due to the sensitivity of the matter, the Inhuman Royal Family attempted to hide the presence of their kind among humanity leading to a confrontation with the Avengers. Using a pure Terrigen crystal, they managed to stabilise the transformation of Dante who had become the giant fire monster called Inferno.
  • In Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the process created by the Mists was shown in the second season mid-cliff hanger episode "What They Become". It was shown that the relic known as the Diviner contained an unnamed crystal that was taken by Raina into the underground city beneath San Juan. Once placed within a special chamber, the crystal emitted a mist that turned Agent Antoine "Trip" Triplett into stone that crumbles to dust whilst a stone-like cocoon forms around Skye and Raina transforming them into super-powered beings. In "Afterlife", Terrigenesis was described as being a thousand years of evolution occurring simultaneously. All those that went through the transformation had a Transitioner to help them through the process with treatments being done to help them undergo the procedure as quick and painlessly as possible shortly after exposure to the mists. In "Scars", it was revealed by Jiaying that the Inhumans had learnt to grow artificial Terrigen Crystals with these being laced with the metal from the Diviner. Thus, the crystals were harmless to Inhumans but lethal to humans. Jiaying intended to release this mist against mankind as part of an opening strike against mankind but was stopped by her daughter Skye. However, a crate of the crystals fell into the ocean where fish became contaminated by the substance that was processed into fish oil.
  • In Inhumans, the Terrigen Mists appeared in the live-action television series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Terrigen were crystals that the Inhumans took with them when they relocated their city of Attilan to Earth's Moon. It was used in their Terrigenesis rituals that unlocked an Inhuman's abilities with those with useful traits being of a higher caste whilst those with lesser abilities or no powers being at the bottom of their caste system. Many Inhuman descendants remained behind on Earth where the spread of Terrigen into the ocean leading to the emergence of new Inhumans. This resulted in Black Bolt sending Triton on a mission to Earth to investigate the rise of Inhumans that were being hunted by human governments.


  • In Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, Terrigen Mists appeared in the setting of the animated film where a wave of it went across the world to create a large number of Inhumans.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Terrigen Crystals appeared as items in the Facebook video game where the description said that the Mists produced by the rare mineral imparted superhuman powers on those exposed to it. In "Chapter 10 - Strength of Fear" its revealed that Maximus had created a new process known as Paragenesis that involved a select number of people with the Paragene which was used to create Test Subjects for Thanos initially.


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