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The Office of National Emergency are an agency that features in Marvel Comics.



The Office of National Emergency (O*N*E) was government agency that operated within the United States of America. It was created with the express purpose of giving the government some control over combating superhumans. (Sentinel Squad O*N*E v1 #1)

Dr. Valerie Cooper suggested to top officials in the government for a new unit operated by the office that consisted of Human piloted Sentinels that were equipped with offensive and defensive armaments from S.H.I.E.L.D. along with multiple upgrades from Stark Industries. This saw the creation of the Sentinel Squad Program with pilots being recruited to be part of the Sentinel Squad. (Sentinel Squad O*N*E v1 #1)

In the wake of M-Day, Mutants from around the world began to loss their powers with only a few retaining their abilities. As a result of this emergency, the United States President declared a state of emergency with O*N*E going on an active footing and leadership of the project falling to General Lazer. From the Commander-in-Chief's orders, the military component of O*N*E became active and was deployed accordingly in a consistent manner with their charter as it was deemed that they were the only force in the United States equipped to deal with the scale of the genetic devastation in the country. (House of M The Day After v1 #1) O*N*E set up an internment camp for the remaining Mutant population at the Xavier estate with the 198 being encouraged to go there. (X-Men: The 198 v1 #1)

At Genosha, a detachment from the agency had arrived on the decimated island under General Lazer where they attempted to capture Quicksilver though he managed to escape but left behind the Terrigen Crystals that he had stolen from Attilan. The human soldiers would confiscate the crystals that were cultural artifacts of the Inhumans civilization. These Inhumans led by King Black Bolt would ask for the crystals back but O*N*E would refuse claiming that the Terrigen was too dangerous for continued use. As a result, their actions led to Black Bolt declaring a cold war against the United States government for their continued possession of the Terrigen Crystals. (Son of M v1 #6)

During World War Hate, the Red Onslaught's malevolent telepathic powers caused hate to spread throughout the world causing people to bring about the end of the world. O*N*E agents in their Mark VIII Sentinels attacked Serval Industries and X-Factor with the intention of claiming back the nuclear football stolen by the from the White House. They were defeated when Danger stepped into the battle where she took over the Sentinels and destroyed them leaving the human operators alive. (All-New X-Factor v1 #16) The Hatchi Corporation made a deal to produce magical weapons for O*N*E. (New Mutants: Dead Souls v1 #6) General Callahan who was part of O*N*E was responsible for capturing Donald Pierce and some of his Reavers who were forced to serve as operatives for them and produce high-tech equipment for the agency. With this technology, agents were sent to apprehend Mutants leading to one of them being Alex Summers and his team. The agent was defeated but the O*N*E sent an armed squad to arrest the team except for Havok and Warpath. (Astonishing X-Men v4 #15)

Afterwards, a growing number of Mutants saw a federal response whereby the Department of Homeland Security began constructing state-of-the-art facilities with these being operated by O*N*E. The agency claimed to the public that these were not prison facilities but were people detained in order to protect the public and stated that it was for the safety of those Mutants though this led civil liberty protest groups forming that opposed this action. This provoked a reaction from Magneto who struck the facility in order to free the captive Mutants with him offering them sanctuary. (X-Men: Black - Magneto v1 #1) Donald Pierce and some of the Reavers were then captured by 'General Callahn of O*N*E who intended to use them to produce advanced technology for his forces. This allowed agents to be armed with advanced equipment that was to be used in the arrest of Mutants. (Astonishing X-Men v4 #15) O*N*E sought to capture Havok as Bastion had implanted knowledge in his mind that O*N*E wanted for their operations against Mutants. At the time, the X-Men and Reavers struck at the O*N*E facility where Donald Pierce was freed whereupon he activated the technology they took from Havok's mind that allowed them to merge their cyborg bodies with any technology. This allowed them to commandeer O*N*E Sentinels who were then turned on the X-Men as the Reavers attacked their former allies. (Astonishing X-Men v4 #16) O*N*E moved forward with their operations against Mutants with General Callahan capturing Mutants infected by the Techno-Organic Virus accidently by Warlock and using them as part of a power source for a new type of Sentinel. (Uncanny X-Men v5 #12)


The agency was considered the nation's first line of defense where they watched and waited in order to learn to defeat threats. (X-Men: Black - Magneto v1 #1)

For a time, O*N*E operated a number of human piloted Sentinels of various models that included:

  • Stealth Units : (Sentinel Squad O*N*E v1 #1)
  • Brawler Units : (Sentinel Squad O*N*E v1 #1)

They also operated a Mobile Operations Command (M.O.C.) that served as a mobile base for them. (Uncanny X-Men v1 #470)

Locations operated by O*N*E included:

  • Location 22 : a secret weapons development facility operated by O*N*E. (Astonishing X-Men v4 #16)


  • Valerie Cooper : she became the deputy director of the Sentinel Squad with her holding position as Deputy National Security Advisor for Mutant Affairs at the Office of National Emergency. (Sentinel Squad O*N*E v1 #1)
  • Demetrius Lazer :
  • Callahan :
  • James Rhodes : the squad's direct commander officer and combat instructor. (Sentinel Squad O*N*E v1 #1)
  • Alexander Lexington :
  • Emil Winston :
  • Nathaniel Briggs :
  • Jake Slayton :
  • Meld :
  • Randall Nixon :
  • Rajani Dhama :
  • Tracy Skylark :


  • The Office of National Emergency was created by Chris Claremont, Randy Green and Aaron Lopresti where it made its first appearance in House of M The Day After v1 #1 (January, 2006).


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