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Noh-Varr in Royals v1 #5.

Noh-Varr is a male comic character who features in Marvel Comics.



Ensign Marvel in Marvel Boy v2 #1.

Noh-Varr was a male member of the Kree race of the pink branch and was native to another reality in the Multiverse. This universe was said to be one where there had been transcendental peace and universal enlightenment. (Young Avengers v2 #1) He became a crew member of a Kree ship that was commanded by Captain Glory. (Marvel Boy v2 #1) This was a dimension-schooner named The Marvel that was part of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt. (Marvel Boy v2 #3) A year after joining the Marvel, he stood among the heroes of the ship in negotiating the Kree/Skrull ceasefire thus ending a millennia of cosmic hostility. During their way to Hala, they received simultaneous distress calls from five doomed civilisations. This led to their encounter with three Astro-Gods from the First Firmament who were exploring the Hypoverse with billions dying in the act. To survive, they escaped into Macrospace leading to them splintering across the infinite endless worlds of the Superspectrum. (Marvel Boy v2 #5) The gestalt cruiser had catalogued 28 varieties of parallel universes including one that went through a Gendrecide Class IV that had a variant of the Badoon that killed one another. (Savage She-Hulk v2 #3) Whilst in the Unfinished Universe, crew member Doc Wonder gave his life which was why the Kirby Machines allowed The Marvel to pass through their reality. They continued their journey as they headed towards their home reality but during one parallel universe they were shot down by Doctor Midas as they approached that respective Earth. During the crash, only Ensign Marvel managed to survive with the rest of the crew being killed in the process. (Marvel Boy v2 #1)

Following the crash, the concept-dungeons of The Marvel was damaged which allowed for Hexus the Living Corporation from the Sunken Galaxy to escape onto Earth. (Marvel Boy v2 #3)

Whilst in the prison, he was approached by the Illuminati who offered him a chance at freedom on the condition that he abandon his quest of revenge against Earth with them showing him the actions of the Kree Captain Marvel as an inspiration to be a hero. (New Avengers: Illuminati v2 #4) During the Civil War, Maria Hill approached the warden of the Cube for use of an operative in hunting down the Young Avengers and Runaways. This saw him using a mind controlled Noh-Varr who was dispatched into the field. (Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways v1 #2) The Kree warrior managed to effortlessly defeat his quarry leading to the capture of Hulkling, Xavin, Karolina Dean and Wiccan. (Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways v1 #3) Noh-Varr was left wounded from the encounter as he fought the Vision's whose arm was left phased through his chest. During this time, the Young Avengers and Runaways managed to free their comrades allowing Noh-Varr to be freed from the mind control. As the young heroes departed, the warden attempted to have Noh-Varr apprehended but instead fell under the mental sway of the Kree warrior who decided to continue his mission of making the Cube his base of operations. (Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways v1 #4) Within the Cube, he took control of the prison through the use Omniwave slaving the inhabitants and he declared the site the capital of the new Kree empire. He uploaded the remains of the Plex into the Cube's crude computers that maintained the Omniwave broadcast whilst he ensured that S.H.I.E.L.D. did not become aware of the fact that the prison was compromised. It became compromised during the invasion of the Skrulls with one of their agents being captured and defeated by Noh-Varr. (Secret Invasion Who Do You Trust? v1 #1) He then sent a distress signal to the Kree empire where he attempted to make contact with the Supreme Intelligence but did not receive a response. At this point, he witnessed a seemingly resurrected Captain Mar-Vell where he went to investigate only to find the wounded Kree who was battling the Skrull invaders. (Mighty Avengers v1 #19) The wounded warrior urged Noh-Varr as a fellow Kree to protect the Earth before dying and continuing the Mar-Vell legacy whereupon he reverted to his Skrull form. (Secret Invasion v1 #6) Noh-Varr accepted the role and joined the heroes of the planet in fighting the Skrulls in the position as Earth's protector. (Secret Invasion v1 #7) He was present at the scene when the Skrull Queen Veranke was killed by Norman Osborn who was heralded a hero for his actions in stopping the invasion. (Secret Invasion v1 #8)

Despite his actions, Noh-Varr was returned to the Cube prison and remained under confinement. He was then visited by Norman Osborn who headed the new security agency named H.A.M.M.E.R. that had replaced S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Osborn was forming a team of Dark Avengers and recruited Noh-Varr to fill a spot as Captain Marvel. (Dark Avengers v1 #1) The Dark Avengers were informed of a threat noted by A.R.M.O.R. with this being Lyra who came from an alternate future with Noh-Varr sent to deal with her but he was nearly defeated by the inter-dimensional warrior. Only Daken's arrival helped distract his attacker allowing him to render her unconscious and transport to H.A.M.M.E.R. (Savage She-Hulk v2 #3) One of his first missions was journeying to Latveria to protect Doctor Doom from Morgan le Fay where his team mate Moonstone commended his performance in the battle and showed that she wielded a Kree artefact that provided her with her abilities. (Dark Avengers v1 #4) Afterwards, one night Noh-Varr was invited into Moonstone's room where the two slept together. He later learnt from her that his team mates consisted largely of supervillains and psychopaths which shocked Noh-Varr. (Dark Avengers v1 #5) This led to him abandoning the Dark Avengers where he decided to approach Wolverine to help safeguard the Weapon Plus facility known as The World. He informed him about H.A.M.M.E.R. intending to claim the laboratory along with its creations and intended to depart but Logan forced him to work together. However, upon entering the World, a mind control compound took over Logan’s mind turning him against Noh-Varr forcing him on the run. It was then that the encountered Fantomex who was a supersoldier product of the World laboratory. Together, they managed to nullify the Allgod brainwashing weapon and also convince the World facility’s sentient brain from seeing them as a threat. It was then that Noh-Varr, Fantomex and Wolverine worked together to defeat a squad of H.A.M.M.E.R. Deathlok cyborgs sent to retrieve the brain. (Dark Reign: The List – Wolverine v1 #1)

In the aftermath, he sought a purpose and attempted to make contact with the Supreme Intelligence of this reality in order to find a mission whilst remaining on the run. During this time, he met an N.Y.U. P.R. student named Annie where he attempted to understand human nature with her. It was then that the Sentry found Noh-Varr leading to a fight between the pair where he was almost caught but Annie helped him escape. He then succeeded in making contact with the Supreme Intelligence who assigned him as Earth's defender where he was given a version of the Nega-Bands as he became the Protector. (Dark Avengers Annual v1 #1) He was fighting the Titanium Man and defeated him when he was approached by the Avengers to join their ranks. He provided his technical expertise in helping them journey into the future after they received a warning from Kang the Conqueror. (Avengers v4 #2) They came to determine the nature of the threat was from the future when Kang broke the timestream after losing a war against Ultron. Thus, Noh-Varr helped the Avengers by journeying into the future to convince Ultron to lose the fight so that the timeline would continue unimpaired. (Avengers v4 #6) He came to reside at Avengers Tower where he introduced the Avengers to his girlfriend Annie with the meeting cut short when a wounded Red Hulk was sent flying into the building. (Avengers v4 #7)

During this time, he encountered a time travelling future version of his girlfriend Annie who had become his enemy and intended to slay a version of Noh-Varr at some point in the future for his actions. (Ms. Marvel v2 #50)

The world later suffered from the events of Fear Itself as the Serpent was released onto the world leading to the Hulk becoming Nul: Breaker of Worlds of the Worthy. (Avengers v4 #15) In the midst of the attack, Avengers Tower was destroyed whilst Nazi forces serving Sin staged their attack. Noh-Varr came to use his Kree technology to commandeer Iron Man Armor's beneath the ruined headquarters to attack the enemy whilst he used this as an opportunity to hack the synchronised matrix network of the enemy exosuits thus shutting them down. (Avengers v4 #17) After the Avengers defeated Norman Osborn, Noh-Varr was contacted secretly by the Supreme Intelligence who informed him that the Phoenix Force was heading towards Earth. The Supremor made Noh-Varr to dedicate efforts in helping the Avengers to fight it but he was ordered to capture its power for use by the Kree empire at any cost. (Avengers v4 #25) He said his farewell to Annie then joined the Avengers mission in space where he helped in containing a fragment of the Phoenix but then betrayed his comrades in order to take it to the Kree homeworld. (Avengers v4 #26) Noh-Varr arrived on Hala where he learnt that the Supreme Intelligence intended to tame the Phoenix Force for the benefit of the Kree empire to keep it into power for millennia to come though this came at the destruction of Earth. He attempted to plead with the Supremor but the intelligence brooked no change in his plans thus leading to Noh-Varr turning against his people. At the time, the Avengers arrived where they were angry at Noh-Varr's betrayal with them recovering the stolen Phoenix energy and ending his membership on the team with them warning him that he was no longer welcome on Earth. He was then attacked by the Kree on Hala who saw him as a traitor for betraying them as well with all the weapons the Supremor had given him failing as Noh-Varr was forced to go on the run. (Avengers v4 #27)

He was among the targets of S.W.O.R.D. when the agency under Director Henry Peter Gyrich began a campaign of deporting aliens from Earth. Noh-Varr attempted to escape using his White Run technique but was captured by a teleporter whereupon he was put into custody. (S.W.O.R.D. v1 #2)

At some point, he came to sleep with Kate Bishop with the two entering into a relationship. The day after they were on-board his ship when it was orbiting Earth that came under attack from Skrulls. (Young Avengers v2 #1)

Under the Kree-Vann Directive, he determined that the best way of saving Earth-616 from itself was the re-establishment of a new Kree empire. To achieve that, he intended to use the Plex Seed in the remains of the Supreme Intelligence in order to constitute a new living computer to guide the Kree race. (Royals v1 #5)

He later was in space where he came to be recruited into the new incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy. This was during a time of galactic turmoil as unrest affected the Great Empires. During this time, the rogue Olympian gods of Earth were rampaging through space after being reborn as cosmic beings. Thus, Nova Richard Rider assembled a new team of Guardians to help stop the crisis with Noh-Varr being among the recruits where they intended to use his Pocket Battlefield as a singularity bomb to destroy the roving god city of New Olympus. (Guardians of the Galaxy v6 #1)

Marvel Boy accompanied his comrades in a mission on Daggett's World to stop a mining operation by Beavertron Incorporated who were planning to use a D-Type Converter to slowly strip the planet of its natural resources. During the mission, they were attacked by a second Guardians of the Galaxy team led by Gamorra who were assigned to kill Rocket. Noh-Varr was able fight several of the team members of the other Guardian group but after being injured he traded places with Hercules to continue the mission. (Guardians of the Galaxy v6 #4)


Personality and attributes

Whilst on The Marvel, he was known as Ensign Marvel whilst among the crew. (Marvel Boy v2 #1) After contacting the Supreme Intelligence of Earth-616, he came to be known as the Protector with him assigned this role by the Kree where he was to protect the Earth as its Ruhi-Tugu. (Dark Avengers Annual v1 #1)

Initially, Noh-Varr came to hate mankind but grew to feel that they could work with one another. One of the reasons humans confused him was he could not understand what they wanted in life. (Dark Avengers Annual v1 #1) Noh-Varr came to develop an appreciation for Earth music from the Sixties. (Young Avengers v2 #1)

It was noted that he followed orders from the Kree-Vann Direcive that stated that it was his responsibility for saving a reality from itself. (Royals v1 #5) Noh-Varr followed Kree dictates of not sharing his peoples advanced science with more primitive species. This was because he felt that such civilizations needed to earn their knowledge and such science provided to them would lead to a race simply destroying themselves within a year. (Avengers v4 #2)

He was noted to had been in love with fellow The Marvel crew member Merree. (Marvel Boy v2 #5) Whilst on the run from Osborn, he met a P.R. student named Annie who was attracted to him and felt he was boyfriend material. (Dark Avengers Annual v1 #1) The two later became involved with Annie becoming Noh-Varr's girlfriend during his time with the Avengers. (Avengers v4 #7) He came to sleep with Kate Bishop and had a relationship with her. (Young Avengers v2 #1)

Powers and abilities

The Protector in Avengers v4 #27.

Though a Kree, his DNA contained a completely anomalous triple-helix structure. He had insect genetic material as part of his physiology with this being cockroach DNA that made him tough and fast. (Marvel Boy v2 #1) He was designated as a Kree super-soldier who was gene perfected with insect DNA. (Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways v1 #2) Noh-Varr’s skin was coated with tympanic membranes allowing him to hear people even when they were mumbling. (Dark Reign: The List – Wolverine v1 #1)

Ejecting the finger nails thus allowed him to deploy explosives that he could fire at enemies. (Guardians of the Galaxy v6 #4)

The psychedelic saliva allowed him to neutralise foes as they were left in a psychedelic state. (Guardians of the Galaxy v6 #4)

The toxin in his thumbnail could even render super-powered beings unconscious for at least an hour. (Savage She-Hulk v2 #3) Noh-Varr was able to go through a process known as the White Running which was a name given the Kree-Vann diplomatic directive 0XX0. It was where all unnecessary stimulus was eliminated from the conscious awareness allowing for the body intelligence to take full control. In this state, no distractions were permitted as the mind was permitted but there was no active intellect guiding it. All that was accomplished din this state was the simply act of running. (Marvel Boy v2 #4) In combat, he was able to switch to stereoscopic consciousness when needed to focus his body on fighting. This allowed him to direct his body to provide his adrenaline when needed or focus on his fight/flight responses. (Guardians of the Galaxy v6 #4)

Another weapon from the archive was a device known as a pocket battlefield that resembled a pink cube that could expand. It contained nine environmental modes each and all with their own self-contained physics. (Marvel Boy v2 #2) Once inside, the gravity, momentum and inertia were subject to the control of the wielder. (Royals v1 #4) Noh-Varr used his unconscious senses to compensate for any physical distortions allowing him to interface with the battlefield whilst leaving his enemies disabled inside of it. (Marvel Boy v2 #2)

For a time, he was provided a specially created version of the Nega-Bands that was made by the Supreme Intelligence for him. These were of a different design and tapped into a different power source with them being far more advanced as well as precious that gave him new abilities. (Dark Avengers Annual v1 #1) The bands destroyed themselves after he betrayed the Kree leading to the Supremor shutting down the various enhancements that were given to Noh-Varr. (Avengers v4 #27)

Under Kree-Vann Directive Zero-One, he could engage in a Quantum Swap and trade his place with an ally working alongside him. (Guardians of the Galaxy v6 #4)

He once possessed with him the We-Plex Supreme Intelligence System that was standard on all Kree diplomatic vessels. The programmable piezoplasm housing the accumulated wisdom of the entire Kree race that was accessed via multiple personality complex interfaces. It was dedicated to the protection and survival of the Kree genecore. (Marvel Boy v2 #1) Similar to the Supremor Seed, it produced a Plex Seed if it was ever destroyed that resurrected itself through raw materials provided around it which became the basis for a new body. (Royals v1 #5)

Noh-Varr was knowledgeable about time-space dimensional travel equations and was skilled enough to create a functional space-time continuum viewer. When used, the device generated images of futures and all possible alternate timelines. (Avengers v4 #2) As a Kree, he had a higher understanding of energy disbursement and weapon-making. (Avengers v4 #15)


  • Noh-Varr was created by Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones where he made his first appearance in Marvel Boy v2 #1 (August, 2000).

Alternate Versions

In other media

Video games

  • In Marvel: War of Heroes, Noh-Varr as Marvel Boy appeared as a playable card in the video game.


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