The Beginning

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The Creation

  • Real World: 13.7 billion years ago. The Big Bang occurs, initiating the beginning of the universe.
  • Cthulhu Mythos: According to some, Azathoth is responsible for the Big Bang. ("The Plague Jar" by Allen Mackey)
  • Futurama: 0 BB (Big Bang). Following a Medium-Sized Bang (historians over-estimate its significance in the future), the Brainspawn come into existence. The Medium-Sized Bang also creates a parallel universe where everyone dresses as cowboys. (Futurama: "The Day The Earth Stood Stupid," "I Dated a Robot")

Immediately After the Creation

  • Doctor Who (Expanded Universe): Immediately before the end of the parallel dimension into which the previous universe's Time Lords escaped, they transport themselves to the new universe just after the Big Bang. They find they have godlike powers in the new reality, due to its different physical laws, and eventually become known as the Great Old Ones. (Millennial Rites)
  • Marvel: The reborn Galen, within his reborn spaceship, is hurled from the Big Bang. Within, Galen begins a metamorphosis- a result of the new and different physical laws and powerful energies present- that will take eons. (Super Villain Classics #1)

Other Creations

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