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Tithian was high templar of King Kalak of Tyr on Athas. When Kalak almost destroyed his city in order to become a dragon, Tithian rose up against him. Along with Rikus and Sadira, Tithian was able to destroy Kalak before he completed his transformation.

Tithian became king of Tyr and immediately declared an end to slavery within the city, though he left much of the governance to a city council while he sought the secrets of becoming a dragon himself. After several years he disappeared completely, and his friends let it be known that he had died defending Tyr. In reality, he had freed Rajaat from the Hollow, initiating a chain of events that would see several more sorcerer-kings dead, and the creation of the Cerulean Storm.

Tithian's body is currently lost somewhere in the Black, while his soul is a part of the Cerulean Storm.

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